Are You Proud Of Your Belly?

Most people are embarrassed about their fat bellies. They aren't to blame, since we are always told that the only attractive looking belly is flat and toned.

So, are you proud of your belly? Take this quiz and find out if you love or hate your jiggly gut! (**NOTE:** This quiz is directed towards females with chubby or fat bellies.)

Created by: Ana

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  1. What would you wear to the beach?
  2. Your friend tells you to get rid of your belly. How do you react?
  3. Have you ever went on a diet?
  4. Do you like to jiggle your belly?
  5. Would you be willing to pay half the money you earned in a year for a flat belly?
  6. If you see a skinny woman in a bikini, how do you feel?
  7. You were in a changing room and another girl saw your belly and stared at it in shock. How do you feel?
  8. If you notice that your partner's belly starts growing and is jiggling when they walk, what would you say?
  9. Would you wear a crop top in public?
  10. What do you eat the most?
  11. Do you exercise?

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Quiz topic: Am I Proud Of my Belly?