Are you healthy?

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This quiz will show you how big your belly is. Answer a series of questions to get your try belly size. Do you have a big belly? A small one? Is it in-between? Find out with this quiz!

DISCLAIMER!! This quizzes results do bodyshame! I do not truly mean these insults! This quiz is for those who enjoy those insults about their bellies! Do not take this if you have a history of eating disorders or body image issues

Created by: Emma
  1. How much do you eat?
  2. Does your belly stick out?
  3. What is your BMI?
  4. Sitting down, straight back, cab you see your belly button?
  5. Stand up and bend over so your back is flat. How far does your belly hang down? *measure from biggest part of belly*
  6. Does your belly rest in your lap?
  7. How much belly fat can you squeeze?
  8. What is your dream weight? *does not affect score*
  9. Are you closer to being fat or skinny?
  10. Stand up straight and look down, relaxing your belly. What can you see?
  11. Can you jiggle your belly?
  12. Is the measurement in inches of your belly around the bellybutton hand your height in inches, or around half your height?
  13. What do people say about your body?
  14. What are you considered for your height and age range?
  15. What do you consider yourself?
  16. Finally, do you think this quiz will be accurate to your body? *does not impact score*

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Quiz topic: Am I healthy?