How Will You Fatter Your Girl Up?

There are many women out in the world that like to be fat. Also there are even more that want to get fatter and need the help of a man...

Do you like the large women and especially the one that want to get fatter... Well this is a test that will see how big you will fatten you girl feedee to. WILL SHE BURT OF ALL HE FOOD YOU FEED HER? It's up to you...

Created by: Mark johnson
  1. So you just started dating a girl and she is a feedee and she asks when you want to start helping her.
  2. So you and your girl have been dating for at least 4 months and your girl has gained almost 200lbs and is now 330 and is still gaining, what is your reaction to this?
  3. You are at the mall with your girl shopping for some new pant and she's having trouble finding some new pants and you say...
  4. You have noticed your girl seems to have a large hanging double belly when you walked by the bath room to see you girl weighing her self now that you think about it how much do you think she is going to weight?
  5. Your girl now it's at the peek of 400 and is 496.9 and is so excited to go to 500 what will you do to celebrate?
  6. You have now been dating you girl feed for over a year now and you are having fun fattening her up but there's one problem she won't fit in any of her cloths...
  7. Your girl is now 567 and is having some troubles walking and getting up for your couch and bed do you think she should still continue gaining?
  8. You and your girl are planning to go to a private beach that no one normally goes to, but she doesn't know what type of bathing suit she wants to wear what do you think.
  9. You and your girl are at a movie store in the mall and your girl gets stuck between two movie rack that were too close together what do you do?
  10. Your girl in at 621 and is really having some trouble walking and is waddling every were, as well as the other problems before but she doesn't want to loose any weight...
  11. You are again shopPing for new clothes and when you are at the register the lady checking out your girls new clothes she gives you girl a mean look and eyes at her covered belly on he register table what are will you say to the lady at the register...
  12. It's been almost two years since you started dating and your girl is in the stage of obesity but its fine with the both of you and you are stuffing your girl one night with a special rapid weight gaining ice-cream and her belly is just laying on the table because her but is making her sit up higher and she says she feels like she's going to burst and she now 700Lbs.

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Quiz topic: How will I Fatter my Girl Up?