How To Tell If a Shy Girl Likes You

Is your crush shy? Unfortunately, it's extremely hard to tell if a shy girl likes you, because she will show her affection in very different ways than outgoing girls. Take this quiz to find out if that shy girl like you!

"How To Tell If A Shy Girl Likes You" was created by me, a shy girl, so results should be accurate. This quiz won't work if your crush is an extrovert--in fact, the results will probably be opposite!

Created by: mimimoose

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  1. Does she talk to you?
  2. Does she randomly "appear" everywhere you go?
  3. Is she similar to you (interests, sports, personalities, etc)?
  4. Does she always forget what she's about to say in front of you?
  5. Does she dress nicely on days you see each other?
  6. Does she make eye contact with you?
  7. Did she choose the same classes as you in school?
  8. Is she friendly with your parents?
  9. Does she say "hi" to you if you pass in the hallways?
  10. Do you pay attention to her?

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