Does He Like You?

Every girl who has a crush wonders if he likes her back. But maybe you just like him as a friend and still want to know if he likes you. Or maybe you don't like him very much but still want to know...

Guys can be confusing sometimes, though. They may act like they like you but actually like another girl, or they may act like they hate you but really like you. They may also act like they dont like you or hate you.

Created by: Jessica Funk

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  1. When you guys talk who starts it?
  2. Does he ever look at you?
  3. Does he ever compliment you?
  4. Does he say your name a lot when talking to you?
  5. When you walk past him what does he do?
  6. Do his friends know your name and you dont know why?
  7. Does he ever smile or wink at you?
  8. Does he make eye contact a lot when talking to you?
  9. How long have you known him?
  10. Does he ever sit by you?

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