Does he like me? Girls only

You might be a girl who has a crush. If you are, would you like to know if that boy likes you back, or if he's not interested in you? Well, if you do want to know, you've come to the right place!

Take this quiz! It has twelve short, easy, clever questions that will tell you if your crush likes you or not. I hope you like this quiz! Have fun and enjoy! :)

Created by: Ultimate Crush Expert
  1. First off, do you think he likes you?
  2. Do you catch him looking at you often?
  3. When you catch him looking at you, what does he do?
  4. When you look at each other, how long do you normally hold the gaze?
  5. Are you good friends?
  6. How long have you known each other?
  7. After he does something cool or impressive, does he look at you?
  8. Does he stumble on his words when talking to you?
  9. Does he "accidentally" run into you?
  10. Last question! Is he in a relationship with another girl?

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