Confusing Love! part two!

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A day ago I made Confusing Love! part one! a couple days ago! Now here's a new one! Please comment and rate if you like it! I would appreciate that! Thanks!

Please comment me and tell me if you liked it or not! Or maybe give me some suggestions and compliments! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it thanks!

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  1. Hello! I made a story called Confusing love! part one! If you didn't read it then you need to read it right now, or you're gonna get confused. Now let's go!
  2. "Oops! Sorry! She ain't coming over to your house now because now she is going to come over to mine you little midget!" He shoved Zane away from Liza using his left arm, then he wrapped his arm around Liza with his right arm. "Sorry! I guess I don't have to go to any of your houses. Bye!" Liza scattered away grasping her books. When she found her classroom, she leaned on a wall, reading and waiting until her next teacher would let her in the room. Until she spotted Charlie walking by. He had blond hair, covered by a black Men's Paper Fedora Hat. He was wearing a red T-shirt with a black jacket, and he had black skinny jeans.
  3. "Hey Liza, what are you reading?" Charlie asked. "Just one of my favorite chapter book series, Harry Potter." Liza looked back at her book just flipping pages. Charlie leaned on the wall with his hands in his pockets, just looking at Liza's Harry Potter book. "Hey Liza, My mom told me to go to the movie theater with my little sister. I have three tickets to My Little Pony. My parents don't can't go because of work so they told me to pick someone to go. You wanna come? My parents will drive you there at 6:00 a.m " Charlie got out his three tickets to "My Little Pony" the movie. "Sure! I love spending time with your little sister!" Liza replied with a beam.
  4. Ms. Alfonso (Liza's writing teacher) unlocked her door then let her students in the classroom. When she sat on her assigned seat, she put her books on the corner of her desk, with pencil and paper and pencil in the middle, ready to learn. "Tommy! next time get everything ready instead playing around like a pig!" Liza saw Ms. Alfonso yelling at a boy for not getting his pencil and paper on his desk. Ms. Alfonso is really scary and mean. She just yells at students just because they didn't do one small thing!
  5. "Alright students, today we are going to be taking a test. You guys need to answer my eighteen questions. You get a lot of them wrong, 2 weeks of detention. Ready, set, go." After letting Ms. Alfonso explain the test. Everything became calm. There wasn't a single sound except pencils on paper. After 2 minutes a boy came walking in the room, all curious of what's going on right now. "Hey! Jeremy! why are you late? Fine, whatever. Alright everybody we have a new kid in our class and his name is Jeremy. How 'bout you sit by...Oh yes, Liza! Sit by the girl with the blue T-shirt! Jeremy dawdled to his new seat that's by Liza. He had red hair, black T-shirt with a black jacket that has no sleeves, with regular pants. "Hey! I'm Jeremy. You're Liza right?" "Yes. You need to start your test. She wrote what to do on the board." She stopped talking then went back to work.
  6. I'm sorry but that's all I'm gonna do right now! Comment good stuff if you want more, then I'll make some more!
  7. Please check out 3 of my quizzes! If you haven't did "Confusing love! part one!", you need to do it right now. Next do "Like my story! Please comment!" Then do "Please go here! Thanks! :)" They are all by me!
  8. Also comment me what I should get on my 11th birthday! But please don't say technology! My birthday is in a couple weeks!
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