Confusing Love! part one!

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I made up a Romance story called confusing love! If you comment and say you like It I will try to make another one! If you don't then I will not make another one!

Do you like my story called Confusing love? Will you rate or comment so I can make more? You can find out right now! Just read what I wrote! That's all!

Created by: cookie

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  1. "Ring,ring! Alright, class dismissed." Mrs. Kaskay said as she walked silently through the classroom. Liza grabbed her books then swung the door open feeling relieved that it was finally over. She walked to her next classroom alone until Zane cached up to her. Liza just noticed that he was wearing blue skinny jeans with a light blue T-shirt that said "Bro-fist like you mean it." "Hey Zane, how are doing?" asked Liza. "I'm fine but I got in trouble." Zane's face had a little grin. "What did you do now?" Liza asked with a little laugh. "I sang while everybody was test taking. Mr. Dufdrinn was really furious." He put his head down, a little disappointed. Liza started laughing then dropped her books accidentally. "Hey, you want to come over to my house tomorrow? My mom is gonna bake some brownies." He asked politely. "Sure! That's great! I sure do love brownies!" Liza smiled as she grasped her books so they wouldn't fall out of her hands.
  2. As Zane and Liza both walked happily together, Fred joined in the group. He had blonde hair covered with a blue cap, ripped jeans, with a black T-shirt. "How ya doin' girl? Ya fine?" He starts walking in between Zane a Liza. "I'm fine, thanks." Liza walked calmly like nothing happened. "Hey, you want to come over to my house tomorrow? Maybe, do something?" Fred pushed Zane away while looking at Liza. "Um, I don't think she's coming because she is going to come over to MY house!" Zane pushed Fred away then wrapped his arms around Liza.
  3. I know this was kinda short but I am just doing this to see if you liked it so far. Comment and rate if you liked it, then I'll make another one, and I will try to make it longer. Deal? Deal!
  4. And please check out my other story called "Like this story? Please comment!" It's by me! Thank you so much!
  5. I also want you to comment what I should ask for my 11th birthday. It's coming up in a couple weeks! But technology. And maybe tell me where I should go on my birthday! Thanks!
  6. I also want you to go to this quiz called "Please go here! Thanks! by me!
  7. If you don't comment if you liked it or not, I wont do anymore? Deal? Deal!
  8. I need to tell you something. I am...ADDICTED TO POPSICLE'S! It's true, I am. It is because I always say Popsicle in the end of a sentence, and I always think about Popsicle and I want them but we don't have them right now T_T
  9. I'm so random right now. First I talk about the story then I talk about Popsicle's. :P
  10. Last question bye! Don't forget what I said!

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