Once: A Chance Part 6

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Okay I hope you guys read this because I'm really sorry this is so late. I've been really busy I had a ton of auditions this week and a lot of school work. Sorry hope you like it! :)

This one is really confusing I'm just telling you now. It was kinda hard to write also... I didn't want to make it confusing but it is anyway. :) enjoy.

Created by: alyk4321

  1. You're walking to school the next day. You think you hear someone following you, so you turn around. It's Isabella. "Hi!" she says. "Hey," She catches up with you and trys to start a conversation. "What do you call this is English?" "What?" "You know, the- moving of feet." "Oh, walking!" "Yes, that is it! I love 'walking.' " "What do you call it in Italy?" "A piedi." "A pie de?" "No, a piedi." "A piedi." "Perfetto! What do you Americans usually say?" "We say 'cool' and 'awesome' a lot." You get to the bus stop and sit down on a bench. Your car is acting up again. "You know, I would love to learn Italian. It's such a pretty language." "I teach you! I teach you and you teach me English!" "Really?" "Yes, it would be, cool!" You laugh and get onto the bus when it arrives.
  2. For the next couple of weeks you and Isabella become good friends. "I don't think it's good to be around her." Ian tells you. You're in a park. "What do you mean? Like you told me to stay away from Mike?" You shove him playfully. "I was serious about that! And I still am!" "Ian?" you ask. "Would you lie to me?" He sat down on the grass. "Well, I'm not going to lie now, so yes. Not intentionally, but I guess I would if it meant keeping you safe." "But, why? Why do you have to keep me safe? What is there to keep me safe from? I was only kidnapped that one time." "But what about you mom?" He asked. It had been so many weeks, you had tried to forget about what had happened to her. You sat down next to him. "________, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up-" "It's hard." you say cutting him off. "It's really hard. Having all these things going on in my life and have them be the new normal? I didn't ask for this, okay? I didn't want any of this. Why couldn't have I been born normal? Have a normal family, and a normal life? I don't want this! Is there anyway that this can be undone?"
  3. In Mount Olympus: "How long are you going to let this go for? You know what you have to do." Zeus says to Athena. "But why? I can't just end this. She is my daughter." "You heard her! She said that she wished this never happened. You need to do it. Hades is already getting his son involved- and as you know he can't be trusted." he says. "I just don't see why this can't be done another way-" "It cannot! Now do what has to be done!"
  4. Back at the park: "You don't want this?" "No. If I had a choice, I wouldn't have chosen this." "________, there's something I need to tell you. I-" Then a gust of wind passes by and you are in your room. "_______!" Your mom calls. "Come on! You're going to be late to your first day of school!" You don't get up at first, but then you glance over at your alarm clock. "Oh, shoot! Coming, mom!" You throw on some clothes. You get to your kitchen and your mom has breakfast for you. "Here, honey. Eat these eggs." "Mom, I don't like eggs! And I don't have time!" You say looking at your watch. You grab the toast off the plate and run outside.
  5. At school: You walk into school and see a few kids lingering in the hall. You run over to your locker. After you finally get it open, you head to your first class. You open the door just as the bell rings. "Mr. Ligby, I-" "Miss. Anderson," says Mr. Ligby. "You're late. And on your first day back. How disappointing. Go ahead and have a seat next to Cameron." You walk over to where Mr. Ligby is pointing. You sit down next to this super cute guy with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He grins as soon as you sit down. "Hi. I'm Cameron." He says holding out his hand. "_______." You say excepting his hand. At lunch you see your friend Amy, just as you did before. All these things are happening again, just as they did before. But there was no Ian, or Mike, or James, or Mark. And you don't even know it. You sit down with Cameron.
  6. Hidden in the shadows are Ian, Mike, James and Mark. "This hurts." Mike says watching you with Cameron. "You have no idea." Ian muttered under his breath just loud enough for Mike to hear him. Mike looked to the right at Ian. "What? What did you just say?" "Nothing, okay? Just leave me alone." "You had feelings for her, didn't you?" Mike said, with a quiver in his voice. "I told you to leave her alone. You know I loved her." "You don't still?" "Of course I do." Mike said, the jealousy in his voice growing. He and Ian look as if they're going to fight. "Guys, come on. Don't do this." James says coming up to them. "Yeah guys, ________ wouldn't like you guys fighting." Ian backs off. He take your locket out of his pocket. The one you said your grandmother gave to you. But it wasn't from her. You hadn't known your grandmother. It was actually from Athena, but since your parents wanted you to think you were theirs, they lied to you and told you it was your grandmothers. "This isn't over." Ian says in a very upset voice. Within seconds of saying that he is gone.
  7. "What did you do?" Ian says, more than asking. Hades turns from his chair, an evil smile on his face. "Ian," he says coming toward Ian. "Ian. Why did your mother name you that? Such a stupid name." "Why have you done this?!" Ian asks, yelling. "I haven't done anything. It was all Zeus. Don't come crying to me about your precious girlfriend." Hades says with a smirk on his face. "I thought you wanted me to protect her." "I did! But do you want to know why?" "TELL ME." Ian says his voice very serious. "Oh... well, actually, I don't feel like it. Maybe some other time?" Ian walks towards his father. Ian tries to read his mind. But all he could her was the screams of the unfortunate people trapped in the Underworld. "Don't think I won't find out." "Oh, I won't, son." Hades says laughing, going back to his chair facing a window where he could see people suffering.
  8. All of a sudden Ian appeared back at the school. "What did he say?" James asks. "Nothing of use." "Of course you would find nothing. Stupid demigod." Mike says. Just before Ian could get to him he transformed to a wolf with James following. Mark just walked off.
  9. After school you head to your car. Ian walks up to you but of course you don't recognize him. "Hi, ________." "How do you know my name?" "I, uh," he laughs. "Sorry. I'm Ian." "And I'm ________. But you already know that." "Yeah. Hey, uh, maybe we could hang out sometime." "Yeah, maybe." You say. You like how his brown hair hangs over his dark eyes. "Great." Ian says in a relieved tone. You get in your car and leave.
  10. The next couple of weeks go by quickly until it's back to the point it was before your life was changed back to normal. You are in your room with Isabella. You and her had become good friends just as you did before. You were talking about your favorite places to eat and trying to do homework at the same time. Just then you start to feel really depressed, and Isabella is acting very strange. You're sitting on your bed and Isabella comes really close to your face. "Are you alright, _______?" "Yeah," you say. "I just feel, really, bad. I don't know why..." All of a sudden her eyes grow dark, her skin looses color and a dark cloak forms around her. She gets off the bed and stands in front of you. "What's going on... Isabella?" You start to get really scared. Then she opens her mouth and a kind of smoke comes out. You start to back up to your wall but then it's too late. The smoke carries over to your mouth and goes in. Next all your happiness and all your emotions rush out of you. And you feel as a empty shell. She comes up to you, and says, "Sorry, _______. But I have to live somehow." She smiles and laughs. Then she was gone.
  11. You just lay there, not being able to move. You feel as if you've already died, but you're still living. You just lie there, not being able to move. You hear a voice at your window. It's Ian. "Oh, my God... no, no, no..." The window is shut, but he takes it off and gets in. He comes over to you and puts his hands on your face. "No, please, no," He starts to cry. "No, ______, please, please don't..." He enters your mind but there is nothing, no happiness, all sorrow. "Please, you have to remember..." He tries to send you memories of you and him, he even tried you and Mike, things with your mom and dad, nothing seems to work. "I know you can remember me, _______." He pauses for a moment then says, "I don't know if you can hear me, but, before this happened, that day in the park, you know what I was going to tell you?" He paused again. He looks at you, and moves his head down to yours. Your lips touch. He kisses you. "I'm, I'm so sorry I never told you. I love you, _______. I always have from the first time I saw you." You can hear him, and a tear rolls down your cheek. He sees. "You remember, don't you? You remember me... but you're still..." He turns and sits on the edge of your bed. He puts his face in his hands. He starts to cry again. Then he hears you. "Ian?" you say, slowly getting up, your head throbbing, not remembering everything that happened to you. He turns and sees you. "_______," he hugs you right away. "Did you mean what you said?" You ask him as you hug. He looks at you. "Of course I did." "Good." you say. "Cause I do too." You kiss him. It fells so long, even though it was just a few seconds. He looks into your eyes. You can see something in them. Not like the first time you saw him, his eyes empty. He kisses you again. Then you hear something at your window. You look up to see Mike. "You are such a-" he started to say to Ian. "You know what? Forget it. I should have known." He leaves. "Mike, wait," He's gone.
  13. Who do you like? For now it's between Ian and Mike. Sorry if you liked someone else. :)

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