Vampire Peak part 10

this is part 10 of my quiz! this is very late and i'm sorry, i've got a lot of things going on at home! once again sorry! in this quiz, troy betrays you terribly but looks completely guilty about it! is he really? MUST READ!!!!! sorry about the results! they won't let me edit!! sorry!

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires? well, now's you chance to find out! hurry up and take my quiz before they're taken! good luck girl! _Jade Black

Created by: Jade Black
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  1. Recap: you're going on your date with Troy.
  2. you two are at the beach, watching the waves crash on the beach. the moons' shining down on you two like a spotlight. the sand looks like snow over your feet. you walk out into the water and feel the salty water surround your legs. Troy comes up behind you and scoops you up in his arms to run out into the waves and jump into the water as soon as it was deep enough. you scream before you hit the water.
  3. you come back up for air and see Troy smiling right in front of you. he leans in and kisses you. you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer. he pulls you closer with his arms around your back. he starts to kiss your neck you laugh but feel he's gone a little too far. you guide his head back your lips.
  4. "Well, done Troy, you got her." says a voice. then someone grabs you from behind. you struggle and scream but troy just stands there frozen and a little guilty. "Troy help me!" you scream but he doesn't even budge, he just looks at you with guilt written all over his face. that's when you realize. he's not going to help you. you feel a pinch in your neck and you black out.
  5. you wake up chained with heavy chains that are going to leave bruises. you look around and see that you're in a jail cell. you just lay there knowing the chains will make you all the more sore than you will be once you get out of them. you hear squeaking and see a mouse right next to your head. you scream and start to wiggle. you hate rats ever since one bit you in science class. you don't know how but you manage out of your chains and onto the bed there.
  6. "Bree?" says a voice you look around and see a man around his early thirties, very hansom for his age. "Yes," you whisper. "Is that really you?" he says you nod hesitantly. "You're so beautiful." he mutters, your eye brows furrow and you look into his eyes and gasp. "Dad?" you whisper. he smiled and comes to the wall of his cell right beside you. you bend down like he is and stare at him. you recognize his warm sunny smile from when you were a baby.
  7. you hug each other as best as you could in a cell. he kisses your forehead. you smile as a tear runs down your cheek. "I love you Bree." he says, you smile and giggle in happiness. you both hear a door open and guards shuffle inside with guns in hand. a woman all dresses in black wearing punk/goth clothes. opens the cell tearing you away from your father and drags you out. your struggling the whole time yelling for them to let you the hell go but it's no use. they just drag you away.
  8. they take you in a room where a beautiful queen sits on a throne and guess who's by her? yup Troy. you stare at him with such hate that you're surprised at yourself. "Finally Bree Michello come to us at last!" the queen folded her hands and comes in front of you. you spit in her face. one of the guards pull you away then punches you in the mouth, blood ouses from your mouth with a couple teeth in that river
  9. "Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way." she says in your face. you want to spit in her face again but don't want to get a bone broken either. you sighed. "What exactly do i have to do?" "Join me and my kingdom Bree and we can rule the vampire world together." she says as if it were a huge opportunity. you roll your eyes and get as up in her face as you can. "over my dead body!" you growl. she frowns and sighs. "Such a waste," she says, the other guards back off and your alone in the middle of the throne room. Troy's looking at you in panic. "Let's just see what you're powers are shall we my young dear?" she says sweetly. a little too sweetly. two doors open on either side of you you gasp as you saw what they were. cannons "NO!!!" Troy says then come in front of you as one of them fire.
  10. you scream and hurl yourself in front of Troy, you shove your hand forwards like you saw on TV ( i know it's stupid but you're desperate here!) the fire ball shoots back and hits the wall. Troy was dragged away by the arms and you defend yourself using air and other moves you didn't even know you had. it was almost like a Jakie Chan movie. when you're done you're completely exhausted. you slump on the floor and close you're eyes. you feel hands pick you up and set you in his lap. he feels your head and says: "No, more she's too tired." it's troy. why would he try to help you after he completely betrayed you and his brothers? you know the answer: because he loves you.
  11. Troy takes you back to you cell where you hear: "What have you done to her?" it's your father. "Just let her rest Jason." Troy said setting you on your bed. he lightly kisses your head and whispers. "I'm so sorry bree," then you fall asleep
  12. Cliffhanger! sorry this was sorta short will you comment? rate? and leave suggestions? don't get mad about the results please! i couldn't change them to the way i wanted them!! sorry! so no rude comments please!

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