Vampire Peak part 7

this is part seven of my saga, the time Blake finally kisses you! read the quiz and see what i mean! you get a look inside Blake's life. hope you like it!!

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires find out now! take my quiz before it's too late and they're taken good luck girl ! _Jade Black! :)

Created by: Jade Black

  1. Justin's kissing you very passionately, you push him gently away. "Sorry, i just don't want to hurt Troy." "Okay i understand." he gets up and leaves.
  2. your stomach growls and you go to find a kitchen. you wander around until you smell bacon eggs and cheese. you follow the scent and see Blake cooking something. you wonder if you should go in there or walk away. your guts says to walk away but your stomach says otherwise
  3. when your stomach growls and Blake turns around you freeze, he sees you and you see a different look in his eye. something you can't describe but something you've never seen anything like that in his eyes. he turns around and keeps cooking. you walk away but then stop. you sigh and walk in there and go stand by Blake. "Hey Blake." he just nods in response. "So will you please tell me what i did wrong to make you not like me? I'll leave you along if you tell me."
  4. he turns away from you, you shove him so he's facing you again. "If you don't tell me i won't stop bugging you." he stares at you and moves closer."
  5. he puts his hand on your neck, he leans in and breathes your name. you softly gasp then he kisses you deeply, and passionately, you can't help but kiss him back. he pushes you against the wall. he wraps his arms around you and pulls you closer. there isn't any space between you. he never stops kissing you. you don't care about hurting the boys you want to keep kissing Blake until your lives end. you pull gently away because you need to breathe.
  6. "I thought you hated me?" you laughed, he laughed
  7. "I never hated you, i hated myself for wanting to be with you so badly." "Why did you want to be with me so badly?" "Because you're so beautiful, and you're so different. you totally dissed me even though you were terrified of me."
  8. "What? i wasn't afraid." i said, i rested his head against yours. "Your heart rate was high and i would see the sweat developing on your head." "How could you see that?" i whispered. "I'll explain, come on." he took your hand and led you away from the kitchen.
  9. he takes you into a black room with a light gray bed, there wasn't anything there except a dresser and computer. you sat down on his bed and he hugged you. you hugged him back "Me and my brothers are vampires, so we can see almost everything in one room and we can run at impossible speed. (twilight i know)
  10. "Okay so you drink blood and all that?" "Yes," "Sleep in coffins in your native soil?" he rolled his eyes. "I prefer a mattress." you blush. "Oh," then giggle. "So why did you act so mean to me when you saw me?" "Like i said because i want to protect you." "I know that but why?"
  11. "I loved a girl named Angelica, she was human too, anyway, um we dated for two months, i was afraid that someone would hurt her, and i was right, Derek, killed her because he thought that we killed his girlfriend."
  12. "I don't want you to like me because i don't want you to die. that's why you should stay away from me." he said. you smile and kiss his cheek. "Bella should have stayed away from Edward, look how they turned out." his eyebrows furrowed. i leaned in. "They turned out just fine."
  13. you heard something crash downstairs and you both run downstairs ad see...
  14. Cliffhanger!

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