Vampire Peak part 3

this is part 3 to the Vampire Peak saga. sorry there wasn't much of Justin in here but you'll see him soon! please give me suggestions if you can think of any!

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires find out now! take my quiz before it's too late and they're taken good luck girl ! -Jade Blake :)

Created by: Jade Black

  1. uh.." you stutter looking at that drop dead gorgeous boy right in front of him. he extended his hand towards you.
  2. you shake his hand finally getting a hold of myself. "I'm Troy." he said. "Bree," "Oh, pretty name." he said, i blushed. "Thanks," "So do you want to hang out later?
  3. before you could answer Blake came up to you. "Troy, i think that your Lucy is flirting with Broc again." he mumbled so low that i could barely hear him. Troy's eyes went wide. "Oh, God. Sorry Bree see ya later!" he called running down the hall way.
  4. i glared at him. "Watch yourself new girl, you could get hurt talking to guys like him." he growled. i scoffed, "what's that supposed to mean? i thought you hated me." "I do hate you." he snapped. i narrowed my eyes at him. "Then why are you worried about me?" i challenged. his eyes went wide. he turned and just walked away. "Yeah that's what i thought."i mumbled.
  5. you grumbled and walked to your next class. "Bree wait up!" called a small windchimy voice. i turned and i saw Molly running towards me with her hair up in pink scrunchies. "Hey Molly." i greeted her, she smiled and hugged me.
  6. (assuming you chose the last one) "Hey, were you talking to Troy Radcliffe?" she asked jerking her head behind her. "Yeah, i think so." i answered she squealed and sighed dramatically "He's so dreamy." she said.
  7. assuming you chose the second) "He really did that?" she asked horrified. i nodded. Molly grumbled. "Guys are so stupid." she said. "True that." "Hey you wanna hang out later?" Molly asked me abruptly changing the subject.
  8. (assuming you chose the second again) "Oh my God you're really hanging out with him? i thought my idiotic brother chased him off?" "He did but not before Troy asked me." you said with a mischievous smile on your face. Molly mimicked the same smile.
  9. See you later Bree!" Molly called then left. i waved off to her. "Bree." i heard a whisper. i turned around to see..... nothing. the hallways are empty. "Bree i want you." said the whispered again. i started to get scared. you look around but see no one. "Bree, i want you right now." said the whisper, you start to run away from the whisper. you run by the janitor's closet, someone pulled me in.......
  10. comment please!!! how was that!!!???? suggestions please!!!

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