Are you a full Vampire? or a wanna-be?

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OK! This quiz to determine if your a FULL Vampire..or a "wanna-be".haha..anywayz..there IS a third one..and its if your a HUMAN! yay! are lots of "pretenders" out there..and..they just dont fit the Vampire part well! I hate that! so..i wanna many "wanna-be's" are out there!! I hope you enjoy...and please comment and rate! xD

Created by: pkiera75
  1. First of you like Vampires?
  2. Do you like blood?
  3. Would you kill someone for fun?
  4. If you seen blood, how would you react..?
  5. How many Vampire friends do you have?
  6. Do you believe you can fly..if you ever tried?
  7. If you had to drink..someones blood..and had no choice but to..would you?
  8. How many human friends do you have?
  9. Did you ever want to have $3x in a dark alley?
  10. QUICK! What comes to mind when I say "Love"?
  11. What does "goth, emo, bi and gay" mean to you?
  12. What do you eat everyday?
  13. How many "relationships" did you or do you have..?
  14. LAST QUESTION! (i think) favorite.. COLOR!!
  15. Comment and Rate?

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Quiz topic: Am I a full Vampire? or a wanna-be?