Vampire Peak part 19

this is part 19 of my Vampire Peak series, this one is my favorite out of all of them personally. i don't know what you think but tell me when you get your results! leave suggestions because there is a lot more action coming

do you have the incredible good looks to date one of my vampires? troy, blake, or possibly justin? hurry and find out before they're taken! take my quiz now! -Jade Black

Created by: Jade Black
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  1. you turn around and gasp! TROY???!!!! "Troy how the hell are you here? you run and hug him. he smiles and wraps his arms around you. then it hits you. "Wait," you pull away from him. "you led them here!" you shout. he gives you a look that says "What the hell?" "I have not!" he says, you give him a look. "Right then why on earth did they not take you?"
  2. he looks guilty, "Because they weren't looking for me." "And you just ditched your brothers? what kind of brother are you?" you shout he steps closer but you resist. "Don't touch me." you growl. your eyes glow orange with rage. he steps back "Okay okay, i know you're going to try to get to the castle Bree but you can't find it without me." you start to walk out the door saying you can find it by yourself. he follows you "Bree listen to me there worse dangers out there than devon. believe me-" you keep walking gathering things that could be of use to you while finding blake and justin "why should i believe you? you betrayed and nearly killed me and you betrayed your own brothers." you run back up the stairs to grab your back-pack packing only one shirt and pair of pants. "They weren't looking for me Bree i already told you this, even if they were looking for me they wouldn't have found me," you turn around and get up in his face. "yeah they wouldn't be able to find you because you were hiding like a coward while your brothers were trying to protect me."
  3. he stands there like he was frozen, then you see a tear run down his cheek, but you don't care, your furious at him. you walk past him and walk to the lab, you grab a belt with a sword and knife on it then grab a bow and arrow. troy grabs your arm "Bree, please stay here!" he begs you. you pull your arm out of his and walk out the door. you don't have the slightest idea where you're going but you don't care. you decide to go into the forest. you walk for a bout a mile before you hear a twig snap. you load your bow and aim behind you. you see troy come out of the brush.
  4. you sigh and lower your bow. "Troy what the hell are you doing here?!" you demand. "If i can't convince you to go back then i'm going to have to come with you." he states, you shake your head in annoyance. "Whatever. just go betray someone else for a change." you snap. he rolls his eyes "Just let that go you were never hurt." you go mad. "LET IT GO?!!! I LOVED AND TRUSTED YOU AND YOU JUST STABBED ME IN THE BACK!!! ALONG WITH YOUR BROTHERS!! HOW CAN YOU TELL ME TO LET IT GO!!!??" you scream. he flinches back as he sees the trees and grass around you start to smoke. you breathe in and out calming your self when you feel yet another presence.with your bow that is already armed you spin around and shoot a man out of a tree,
  5. you walk cautiously to the victim, pull the arrow out and clean it on the grass. you look at the corpse and see its your own brother! you remember that he was the one who was trying to kill you. you stand up place the arrow in your bunch and start walking again. "That's it? you're just going to walk away?" "You didn't offer to help." "Whatever, i didn't think you were the girl who would leave her own brother-" you turn around. "You know i didn't think you'd be the one who'd betray his brothers but i guess i was wrong wasn't i?" troy rolls his eyes. "if you don't like the way i do things you can just turn around and get your ass back home
  6. "Fine i won't say anything for the rest of the day." "How about for the rest of your life." "Ah, you see i would loose my good looks if i did that." "You have no looks to loose." he walks a little closer. "You used to think so," he whispers in your ear. you blush, and your head starts to get kind of light at his presence. "Just stay away from me got that?" you growl, barely able to keep your voice even. he smiles down at you.coming a little closer until he was pressed up against you. you are frozen stiff. you don't even want to push him away. he puts his hands on the sides of your neck, he leans down and kisses you.
  7. you freeze there looking at troy, you both attack each other with your mouths. you both tangle your hands in each other hair. troy pins you against a tree, he starts to kiss your neck, you didn't stop him like last time you just let him kiss you. you misplace your foot and fall to the ground.........
  8. you wake up wrapped in troys coat and his arms, nothing happened last night except for a lot of kissing and hugging. you yawn quietly, then see your bow and arrow and blouse with your pants thrown to the side. like i said nothing happened last night. you look at Troy's face and smile, you plant a kiss on his head lightly, button up you s--- and pull on your pants and get your bow then run off towards..........somewhere. without troy. i can't believe that worked. you. think. you had this all in a plan, is he followed you you would do what you just did, make him think you still loved him then run off when he was asleep.
  9. you run until you break down from exhaustion, you must be miles away by now. you hear a river and start to crawl towards it. you crawl a few feet then roll over on your back, you catch your breath, the start to walk with an arrow loaded and ready to fire. the closer you get to the sounds the more you get the idea your just hearing things. you walk about a mile until you hear the sound coming from above you. you look up and around the trees, you see a little sound box in between thick two tree branches. you grunt and shoot the box out of the tree.
  10. "Little feisty aren't ya?" you whirl around arrow point. "What are you doing here Brian?" "Don't worry i'm not here to hurt you." "Whatever since you've hurt me a thousand times." "Okay i left you twice, what's the big deal?" "I loved you the first time you left i loved you, the second time you left you took the man i love with you." "And who's that?" "None of your business." "Whatever you say." "So what are you doing here?" "I'm here to warn you." "Did the queen send you?" "Why would she do that?" you glare at him. "Okay, i get it, but no she didn't send me, i just don't want to see you get hurt." "That's a first huh?" "I guess so. Bree the queen has been watching you since you left that trader Troy." he tries to come closer but you light the end of your arrow on fire and he steps back.
  11. "I guess we're even." "Where'd you get that bright idea?" "i told you you were being watched and i'm not going to hurt your precious boyfriend." "You think that makes us even?" you shoot him once in the arm then light another arrow on fire walking over to your screaming ex boyfriend. "You actually shot me," "Like you said i'm feisty," you shoot him in the head then light his body on fire. you step back and watch him burn. "Now we're even." you say then walk off.
  12. you walk about a mile until you see lights, you smile then run forward and you see..........CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!

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