Vampire Peak part 13

this is part 13 of my vampire peak series sorry this is late! i've been very busy with school! please forgive me and stay with me! thanks for reading this! i never read these things!

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires? Blake? Justin? possbly Troy? find out now! hurry and take my quiz before they're taken! good luck girl!_jade black!

Created by: Jade Black
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  1. he steps out of the bushes and you gasp because you see the mark on his left cheek, a scar you somehow remembering you did to him. you look closely at him but you can't figure out who he was. "Surprised cupcake?" he says, your whole system freezes. your remember this jerk. this was your not-so-secret admirer from another life. you glare at him and brace yourself. this was the idiot who tried to pick you up countless times when you were Gena McCarson
  2. "What do you want Grant?" (Thanks MayRose!)he smiled wickedly at you. "Isn't it obvious? i want my girlfriend back." "Grant i'm not Gena anymore," "I know, i want Bree this time babe," he whispers, you freeze.
  3. "Stay away from me Grant," you hiss, preparing for a battle. "Calm down Bree," he mutters in your ear, you didn't realize that you are backed up against a tree with him standing in front of you. you hold your hands out and blow him away from you. he runs at you again but you can't move this time. damn, this guy has a power too. you think. you prepare to die. but you hear grunts and howls. you open your eyes to see..
  4. Troy! you see that Grant has him in a head lock with a knife over his head. "No!!" you scream and run over to Grant holding your hands out expecting air to come out but fire came instead.
  5. you have no idea how you do it but you get Grant on his back with his hands pinned above his head. the most frightened look on his face you have ever seen on a man's face. something came over you and you smacked him so hard he broke his neck and his body went limp under yours. when you realize what you did, you crawl off of him him and lean against a tree horrified at yourself.
  6. Troy tries to calm you down by coming over and putting his arm around your shoulders but yous hove him away and scream "You jerk you betrayed me!!! stay away from me!!!" while crying. he nods and backs away. "Bree, i cannot tell you how sorry i am for getting you into this." "No matter how many times you tell me your sorry and you love me, it's not going to be enough." you mutter. he nods. "I know."
  7. "Bree!"
  8. the guys come running over and scoop you up in a hug. you hug both of them. after hugging Justin you see Blake staring at Troy. in a threatening way. "What are you doing here Troy, you betrayed us and Bree-" "He knows Blake."
  9. thunder sounds and it starts to pour buckets of rain. Justin throws a blanket over your shoulders and guides you away. you grab Blake's hand and make him walk with you. he squeezes your hand and walks with you.
  10. Troy gets up and starts to follow you but Blake pushes him against a tree by his collar. "Blake stop!" you yell. he loosens his grip on his collar but keeps Troy on the tree. "He betrayed us!" he growls. you flinch. "He saved me." "No he didn't he took you to the queen!" blake shouted. "He saved me from a vampire from a different life just now! let him go!" you shout back.
  11. you get back to the mansion and almost immediately fall asleep except for one little surprise on the doorstep.
  12. it was your mother, she was dead on the doorstep....CLIFFHANGER!!!

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