Vampire Peak part 5

this is part five of my saga please tell me if it's good! i tried to make it a little bit longer but next time i'll plan and make it longer. but it won't be for a couple days.

can you find out Blake's issue with you in this quiz? will he finally see the light that he likes you? as hard as you're trying he won't give in the least bit!

Created by: Jade Black

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  1. You open your eyes and Troy is sitting on a chair by your bed. he smiles at you. you smile back at him. "You feeling okay?" he asks, you nod. you sit on the edge of the bed "So you're all vampires?" you say. he nods. "Yeah," you bite your lip and look down. you look back up. "Why does Blake hate me so much?" you ask him because you;re afraid to ask Blake yourself.
  2. "I don't know." he murmurs, you barely caught it. "So why am i here?" you ask. "We're hiding you from Derek." "Who?" "That douge who Justin saved you from.
  3. Oh," you say wide eyed, just then Justin came in the room. "Though i heard you were awake." he says with a smile on his face. you can't help but smile back then Blake walked in behind him. your face falls and you frown. "so why does Derek want me so bad?" you ask. "'Cause he thinks you're hot, which i can't object to." Troy says, you nod. "He won't stop until he gets to you." "so what does he want me for? you ask. "Something terrible let's just leave it at that." Justin suggested. "He wants to use you for blood." Blake blurts out. you look at him terrified.
  4. "Excuse us for a moment Bree?" justin says you nod and he gets up dragging Blake with him. you look down again. "sorry about him," Troy apologizes. "It's my fault, I'm just not a likeable person." you say to him.
  5. "i think you're likeable." "Of, course you do you think that because you also think i'm hot!" you say, he laughes. "So tell me more about Derek." you insist. trying to change the subject. you brought you knees to your chin.
  6. "He is evil upon words and he hates us." "Why?" "Because he thinks we killed his girlfriend. he was absolutely in love with this girl when we moved here." you nod. he continues. "he used to be just like us, but when Carlie died he turned completely evil. he keeps looking for someone to replace Carlie. that's why we're protecting you."
  7. "Wait you said we? who is he?" you ask. he looks down frowning. "He's our brother." he says, you gasp softly and walk over to hug him since he seems sad about that.
  8. he wraps his arm around you and hugs you closer. "It's okay Bree, i was sad for me." he whispers in your ear. you pull back and see that he was smiling, you smile back. "Then why?" "Because i was remmebering the result of Carlie's death." "What was it?" "Derek killed our parents." you gasp again as a tear ran down your cheek. "Oh, Troy i'm so sorry."
  9. "after that none of us were the same, for three years we barely ever spoke to each other." he looks at you and softly strokes your cheek. "Then you come along and we are together closer than ever before." he says softly. you smile and he leans in to kiss you.
  10. you gently push him away. he seems to understand. "Then if your all brother's who is Molly?" he seemed confused. "Moly? oh she's our adopted sister before my parent's died." he explains you nod and Blake comes in and sees you in Troy's arms. his nostrils flare and he stomps out. you gasp
  11. you run after blake and you see him running away from you " Blake! wait!" you call. he turns around and sees you. "Stay away from me Bree okay? just stay away!" he shouts. "No, i won't stay away! what the hell is your problem?" you demand
  12. you two are having your own showdown when Justin comes and butts in. "Whoa guys ease up." he was mainly talking to Blake. you walk away outraged but not wanting to hurt anybody. you start to run down hallways not even knowing where you're going....

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