Vampire Peak part 1

okay this is a new quiz so please tell me what you think! Blake is a vampire as well as his family but you don't notice (obviously)but blake's really cute

blake:blakc hair in a shaggy yet cute style, bright purple eyes, awesome figure and a great lookin butt Molly: auburn curls, bubbly personality, blue eyes, very attractive to the boys

Created by: Jade Black

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  1. okay your name's Bree okay? you have brown eyes, black hair with brown and blond highlights okay?
  2. "Bree! company!" your mom calls, you run down the spiral staircase. you just moved to the canyons from New York.
  3. you run down and see your grandmother Dolly to teh door, and there are four guests, one is a boy with black hair, another is a girl with auburn pigtails and a smile on her face. the mother has black hair like the boy teh father had a huge frown on his face and didn't appear to like me at all.
  4. Dolly introduced us. "Bree, Marnie, these are my neighbors, Blake their son, Molly, their daughter and these are Phil and Sara
  5. your mother tells you to show molly and blake your room. "i'm sure you can find something else to do than hang out here." she says. you nod blake doesn't seem to want to but you don't either.
  6. "so how long have you been here Bree?" Molly asks. "about a week." "where did you move from?" "New York" "Couldn't you move somewhere else?" Blake snapped. you thought it was just your hearing so you just replied. "No, we have no where else to go." you relpy with a smile
  7. "you could go somewhere else, anywhere else." he growls, i stepped closer. "What's your problem? i didn't ask to move here okay? so just leave me the hell alone! so get off my back bud!" you yell. "Blake, get out of here before SOMETHING happens." molly nudged him. you wonder what she was talking about what SOMETHING? you hear him growl and then.........
  8. Cliffahnger!!!!!
  9. the
  10. don't

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