You and your Vampire Boyfriend part 2

Well hello there! This is the second part of "You and your Vampire Boyfriend" in the second paragraph i will give a description of Blake and Josh since i gave one on Kory in the quiz!

Ok here are your description's of Blake and Josh with the "used to be new guy you make up how he looks. Blake: Black hair and Chocolate brown eyes with abs and six pack. he about 5'2 same size as you in the story. Josh: Pure blondy with greenish blue eyes he also has a six pack they all have six packs ok? he's about 5'7. PEACE!! comment and rate plz!

Created by: pkiera75

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  1. After school you go to your locker and out of nowhere Kory comes up to you, "Whats up _____?" He asks. "Nothing much. Whats up with you?" you reply. "Same old same old! you know.." He says. "Yeah? Okaii, well hey I have to go do something with a friend, I promised he could come with me after school to go shopping and to get coffee" You say. "Dont tell me its Alex your going with?" Kory asks. "Noo..?" You say. "Its with Mytha!?" ... "No. No no! Why? because Mytha is waiting for ME outside the school right now". 'oops' ... you murmur. "Anyways I gotta go, YOU be careful! You got my number" He says. With that being said, he walks away. You sigh and close your locker.....
  2. You got outside and you look around for Alex, you see him sitting on the steps, you walk down towards him and you notice he's on his phone, texting, he hears you coming and he puts his phone away quickly. He gets up and smiles at you. "Ready?" you ask "Yeah sure! Ready when you are.". He smiles again, you love his smile! Its a smile that makes YOU want to smile. You walk toward your car, you have three textbooks and you have them on your chest with your arms crossing them. Your bookbag on your shoulder. Alex takes your books and smiles at you once more....
  3. you get to Alex's car and he gets in and so do you. half hour later you arrive at the go to your favorite shop and pick out a cute outfit Alex insists on buying it and you cant resist....yous walk a little more and get to the coffee shop. you buy yous both coffee and talks a little. After an hour or two at the coffee shop you return to his car. he stops you and kisses you..without saying a word..he pulls away and yous get into the car in silence..yous are blushing and she starts driving you home. another half hour passes and you arrive in front of your house. he kisses your cheek and you thank him for a wonderful evening.
  4. you get your keys out and open the door the lights are all off and you walk in. you think you hear a nose up in your room. you throw your bookbag down and place your keys on the table. you reach your room and your door is wide never leave your door open. you go in and since your light is on the side of the room you feel for your phone you had it turned off and you had 5 miss calls and 2 texts 3 from Mytha and 2 from Kory but the texts were from someone named Blake?!
  5. you mind the missed calls and text for right now and use the light to see. you see a figure by your window...its a man..and he huge!! you blink and hes gone! you run over to the light and look around frantically. you dont see anyone..the next thing you know someone has their hand over your mouth! he tells you not to scream or shout. you agree and he takes his hand quickly turn around..and..
  6. you dont recognize him? he goes over and closes your door and goes over to you. you ask him what is it that he wants? he says, "_____ i dont want just see you" he says ... you dont know what to say and he leans forward for a kiss the next thing you know your waking up next to freak out cause his shirt is off "what happened?" you think to yourself (nothing else is off, just his shirt so dont think wrong.. and if you think you DIDNT!) you wait till he wakes up cause you wanna no who he sit on a chair and stare think you remeber him..but your not sure. it's the weekend you have no school. so you finally go to you bathroom and brush your teeth. you come out and he's still sleeping. so you thought he'll still sleep for a while so you go to your closet and pick a cute outfit out and while your taking your pj pants off you throw them in your hamper then your getting ready to take you pj shirt off and when you went to turn around you find he's awake you squeal and try to cover yourself with the teeny tiny pj shirt....
  7. "Oh im so sorry ____! i didn't mean to!" he says you go to the bathroom and finish getting dressed. you back out "It's ok.. i thought you would still be sleeping so i thought i--" he stops you and tells you to be quiet you were about to yell at him till he says "you here that?" in a whisper voice, you listen and you hear nothing.. "I dont hear anything" you say. Hold on i'll be back and he goes alone into the hallway. next thing you know you hear a big bang and....? CLIFFHANGER! -me- muhaha
  8. Who do you like so far? Do you think there will be more GUYS?!?! believe
  9. Are you ready for part 3?
  10. Are you gonna comment and rate? (effects)

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Quiz topic: You and my Vampire Boyfriend part 2