Vampire Peak part 16

this is part 16 of my vampire series i thought i'd make this a little dramatic please post comments! this isn't my best entry yet but it's coming along great i swear i will plan the wedding if everything goes according to plan!!

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires? BLake, justin or troy? find out now! hurry before they're taken!- Jade Black! whoho! team jacob!

Created by: Jade Black
  1. you shake your head. "How did this happen? Justin asks him. "Justin she can't talk, how's she supposed to tell us if she can't speak!?" Blake shouts. you put your hand on his arm and shake your head. he gives you an apologetic look. you smile at him. "Sorry bree." you kiss his cheek telling him it's okay. "Troy do you think you can run some tests and see what we have to do to get Bree's voice back?" troy nods.
  2. "Bree, come with me please?" Troy says, you hesitate remembering the last time you were alone with him. you take Blake's hand with a pleading look that showed a small twinge of fear. he squeezed your hand and gave you a bad-boy smile. "Of course." you smile at him. you both follow troy into a lab full of computers, beds, I.Vs and a bunch of other scientific stuff that you would never be able to name in your life! you never would have thought that Troy would be such a geek.
  3. Troy hands you something that looks like a mouse pad and ask you to breath on it. you look at Blake and he shakes hi head in approval. you breath on it then hand it back to him. he puts it on something that just looks like another mouse pad adn starts doing some stuff on the computer. Blake takes your hand in his and with his other arm wraps it around your shoulder in a hug. he breaths "I missed you" on your neck. you nod telling him you missed him also. "You two love birds you know this could take a while so why don't you just get a room." Blake speaks up, "Why don't you do your stupid test while i hug the girl whom you betrayed!" Blake shouted at him, you push blake lightly out the door then take his hand and walk away with him
  4. he leads you to his room and picks you up, you giggle hysterically and kiss him, passionately deeply. his hands wander to your chest (not your boobs either!) you hold him closer. he stumbles to the bed and falls on top of you kisssing more passionate then you have with an other guy. his hands wander to your belt he unclips it and eases them off. you unbutton his shirt flinging it across the room he rips off your shirt letting it fall to teh ground. he reaches around you prepared to unclip your bra butt you put your hand on his chest and lightly push him away.
  5. you're both panting. "What?" he breaths. you just shake your head. he nods and kisses your head. "I under stand, but there was one thing i wanted to ask you before you disappeared." he whispers. you cock your head to the side in wonder
  6. he crawls off of you and kneels by the bed.......on one knee. he reached behind him and pulls a golden ring with a blue diamond sided with pearls. you gasp softly. "Bree Michello, i love more than anything on this earth i love you more than life itself. i promise to love you for every moment of the rest of our lives will you do the the highest honor of marrying me?..........CLIFFHANGER!!!
  7. okay it's not my best cliffhanger ever but i want your vots whoever thinks that you should say yes comment and say so, the same with the ones who don't think you should say yes and i will try to make another ASAP! thx! the rest don't count by the way!
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