Vampire Peak part 15

this is part 15 of my vampire peak series, you know the drill leave suggestions, tell me if this sucks rocks or is just okay! thanks for the suggestions!

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires? Blake? Justin? Possibly troy? hurry find out now before they're taken! -Jade Black! Team Jacob!

Created by: Jade Black
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  1. "Marcus?" you whisper. "Yes Bree it's me." he confirms. you sigh in relief. "Why did you scare me like that?" "What are you talking about?" he says as he kisses your jaw "Marcus what are you doing?" you demand. he shushes you. "the cameras are watching us, i'm just putting on a show until the boys get here. "They guys are coming?" "You think they'd just leave you here? "No but i didn't think they'd find me that quick.
  2. "We're a talented bunch. once the cameras take they're eyes off of us my guards will come in and take you away. fight like your life depends on it got it?" "Yes. but what are you going to do?" "They'll be trying to take me too so i'll be right behind you but fight and don't win. they already know your feisty so keep them thinking that." "Okay"
  3. ....just take your hands off me got it?" you whisper, you hear him laugh and back away.
  4. you hear the circuits twisting then a tiny click. "Okay they aren't watching any more brace yourself." he says, you nod. a door opens and you are grabbed from behind you scream and struggle as best you can without breaking free and give the cameras a good show. someone hits you upside the head leaving a welt and a huge throbbing pain. if hit any harder you would've passed out.
  5. you drag your feet and hang your head as they drag you. a single tear escapes your eye as you wonder how all of this even happened to you. Blake, Troy, and Justin all deserved better than to keep rescuing you all the time.
  6. your thrown into a room and hear a cell door close and lock. you start to cry at the throbbing in your head. and start to think about _____ and you holding hands kissing and holding each other in your fantasy.
  7. your eyes start to improve after each hour before long your sight is better than ever! everything is crystal clear. but blurry from tears. you just wish you hadn't been born. that you had been born into a different family and this wouldn't have ever happened. soon enough after drawing pictures in the sand, crying, and sleeping a guard comes and grabs you but you don't put up any fight because you didn't want to go back in that cell. you let him drag you with your head hung down in shame. you start to get drowsy. the guard hisses at you to stand up but your body goes limp though your still conscious. you guard hits you in the head and you pass out.
  8. your eyes open and shut many times, open:you see justin, blake, and troy fighting gaurds, they close. open:you're being carried by troy. open: your in the car. this time you open your eyes and they stay open. you're in the room at the mansion. you would never be as happy to see your sea decorated room. you smile and giggle. you try to call for the boys but you can't find your voice.
  9. you stand up cautiously and run out the door looking for anyone whom you could hold. your footsteps make so much noise that they over power the volume of the TV. the TV, the living room! you run there and see the guys watching the football game! you smile happily and throw yourself at _____ he laughs when he sees you and hugs you tightly. "Bree!" they all shout you form a group hug.
  10. "Are you okay Bree?" ______ asks you, you smile and nod. "Are you sure?" you nod again then kiss him. he sighs "I love you." he whispers. you smile happily and curl against him. "Are you sure you're alright you haven't spoke since you've come back." you move your hands from your throat to your mouth and shake your head. "You can't talk....."
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!

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