Vampire Peak part 11

this is part 11 of my vampire peak series hope you enjoy this, it took sooooooooo long to complete this! ugh! you know thge drill, leave comments, suggestions and please rate!

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires? find out now! hurry and take my quiz before they're taken! good luck girl!_jadeblack! team Jacob!

Created by: Jade Black
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  1. RECAP: you're in your cell in the queen's castle, now asleep, because you discovered a power that would be very valuable to the queen.
  2. -you're dreaming- you're running through a cold rainy forest, running from a voice that has haunted you for ages, you don't know who's it is but you can't run away from it fast enough. you come to a sunny clearing and see your mother,you freeze. the voice is no longer following you. "Mom?" you both walk to the middle of the field. "Bree, honey, i'm so sorry i never told you about your father." she sobbed. "Why didn't you tell me?" you ask her. "Because then the queen would be able to find you faster," she looked to the side then back at you. "Before your protectors could get to you." "My Protectors?" you question, she just nods. "Blake and Justin, are your protectors, honey. you should have stayed with them." she tells you. "What about Brian?" you ask her, she shakes her head. "Well, that's handy to know." you say as tears run down your cheeks. your mother starts to cry harder. the scene changes. now you're in your room back at the mansion. you see Blake sitting on your bed thinking. "Where are you Bree?" he whispers. you want to say "I'm right here!" but you can't find your voice. Justin blows in the door. "Blake, i found her!" he announces, Blake is suddenly on his feet in front of Justin. "Where is she?" "She's.....
  3. you wake up to chains rattling, you look up and see a man that looks almost like Brian. you rub your eyes but see. it WAS Brian! you gasp. "Bree, let's go." he commands. you shake your head. "I'm not going anywhere with you. ever!" you growl. he just grabs you and slings you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. you want to scream but once again you can't find your voice. instead a voice inside your head laughs and says. "Don't even try it i can silence someone with just one touch if i want to princess." you growl in your thoughts. the voice laughs again but it's then gone.
  4. Brian takes you into a room with white walls and nothing else. Brian walks in the middle of the room and he drops you and you fall on the floor. you stand up awkwardly. trying to balance yourself "So you're one of the last air bender, not let's see what else you can do." he say to you. you glare at him and you two start to circle each other like lions.
  5. "Attack me." you shake your head. "You'll just beat me anyway so what's the point?" "The point is, you didn't know you were an air bender and you did it to protect Troy, so i think you are a good fighter since you're half-vampire." he explains to you, never taking your eyes off you. you stare into his hard emerald green eyes. he smiles. "Would you like me to bring troy in here so you will fight?" you hiss and lunge without thinking about it. you have him on his back before you know it, but he throws you off and stands up. you stand abruptly and start circling each other again. he tries to punch you but you catch his hand and throw him over your shoulder. you stand on him and glare. he grabs your feet and knocks you off balance, but you just do a back-flip and you're on your feet again. you two go through head locks punches in the gut, lunges and chicken wings (you know what i mean!) until you're on his back with your legs wrapped around his neck. with one more back flip you could have literally ripped his head off.
  6. you actually are about to back flip when Brian touched your skin and you fell off of him unable to move. he starts to stretch and rub his neck then he lets your mind go. you just lay there. "Get up Princess." he growls, you do as he says. you would give anything to fight him again, but to the death this time. "I have a name you know." you grumble, he ignores you and pushes you towards the door. you sigh in annoyance and walk out. he takes you to the throne room where you see your mother tied and gagged (meaning there's a cloth around her mouth if you don't know!) her face is scratched up and bleeding you gasp. "Mom!" you scream. a single tear runs down both of yours and your mother's cheeks. "So Brian, any more news on our young princess here?" the queen asks. "Yes, she's a brave warrior. your highness, if we convinced her to possibly join us she would be a valuable leader." Brian reported, you scoffed and rolled your eyes, but they then landed on your mother. your face fell as you stared at your own mother.
  7. the queen nodded. "Very well, take her back to her cell. we'll see what we can do with her tomorrow." the queen shooed you away like a piece of trash. you shot her a glare but went with the other guards. once you were in your cell you realized. you didn't see Troy in the throne room. you pace around your dirty cell for a while when you see that your father isn't there. you start to bite your nail and pace faster.
  8. about six hours later after you accidentally bit all of your nails off and have drawn thousands of pictures about you and _____ in the sand you hear a door open and a guy with Blond hair, electric blue eyes and tan skin comes in your cell. "Who are you?" you ask him, he looks at you in worry. "That's not important right now, but i'm here to help you." he says, you look him over in disbelief. "Why would you try to help me?" you sneer. he comes closer, you hold your hands in front of you with air coming out of your hands in warning. "Because what they're going to do to you is cruel. even i don't want you to go through that." he says. you look him over again. "Why should i trust you?" you ask him. he smiles. "Because of who i am." "And who are you?" you ask. "That's not important. but i promise that i'll explain everything when we're a safe distance away." do you trust him?
  9. so you trust him because he may be your only way out. you nod and he takes your hand. your run out of your cell not even bothering to say good bye to your father. you two are running through halls when you feel a small wave of dizziness and you can;t see that boy anymore. you gasp. he squeezes your hand in assurance that he's still here. you look at your hands and you can't see them. there's a guard coming towards, you i mean straight at you. you think he sees you until you are pulled out of the way by the boy. "Don't just stand there, Bree." he screams/ whispers to you. that's when you finally get it. you're invisible. the guard twitches his head over towards and and looks around at the sound of your voices, but just keep walking.
  10. the guy pulls you and you two start to run. you don't stop running until you're out of sigh from the palace. you let go of his hand and collapse on the ground panting. he tried to grab your hand again so you could run further but you were way too tired "Bree we have to keep moving." he growls. you look at him. "You...are...a have...more stamina..thank i do." you managed to say in between pants. he reaches down and pics you up and starts running again.
  11. you're running for at least an hour before he stops and sets you down. now he's out of breath. you wonder how long you were running, he sits next to you. "So you said you'd tell me who you were once were a safe distance away." "Yes, i did." you wait but he says nothing
  12. "And you are?" you ask. he looks at you and says. "I'm Marcus." "Marcus who?" "Marcus as in your brother Marcus...." you gasp

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