Vampire Peak part 18

this is part 18 of my Vampire Peak series, things have changed a little bit the guys are kidnapped and there's someone in the mansion and it's not a stranger

do you have the incredible good looks to date one of my vampires? troy, blake, or possibly justin? hurry and find out before they're taken! take my quiz now! -Jade Black

Created by: Jade Black

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  1. you softly gasp. "Stay here" Justin orders you. you try to grab his arm but hes out too fast and running to the mansion. you want to scream but you know that won't get you anywhere. you can't take it anymore you get out of the car and run towards the mansion. you run towards the door. but knew that would cause too much attention. you can see it now. Justin dead on the floor, Blake close to him Troy with the knife in hand with blood all over him.
  2. the hate grows and grows inside of you you scream and a wave of fire blows away from you destroying anything in it's path. you burst through the door using air and storm up the stairs with your eyes glowing a threatening red. you open a door to find then man with red hair. you glare at him and he bursts into flames. he cries and pleas for the fire to stop but just for that you make it as slow as possible. his cry of pain makes you feel like he deserves it. soon all that's left of him are his ashes. you wish you could burn then away too but you feel so awful for taking another man's life you just blow them away peacefully. you hear cries and curses you run to the window and see blake and justin being dragged into the truck. you scream "NOOO!!!!" and run off the roof landing on your feet with a little luck from your air power. you run towards then but they both scream at you to back away. you thrust your hand forward hoping to burn some bad guy but you're knocked out cold.
  3. you have the most absurd dream your back in the queen's castle. "M'lady may i ask why we aren't going to take the princess?" says.....Marcus?!! i knew i couldn't trust him! you think thena voice in your mind said whatever you trusted him with your life. you sigh subconsciously. "If we take her and not the boys then the boys will come for her and if we take them together they can escape that easily. but if we take the boys are taken and leave troy behind he will guide her here and will surrender to us." the queen says. "Great plan your highness." Marcus bows then leaves.
  4. you wake up on your side it's dark out still, your side hurts from laying there for too long. you are able to stand up after several attempts. you groan at the throbbing pain on the back of your head. you tried to run towards the house but you fell every time you tried to run. so you just fly into the house and up the stairs to blake's room first.
  5. Everything is trashed, there's broken glass everywhere, the bed torn to shreds and burnt in some places, even the picture of you and Blake is broken and ripped into tiny peices
  6. you go to Justin's room next, pretty much the same thing, but you take some vitamins with you like the one that Justin gave you for your voice. but first you chew and swallow one. you run to troy's room (which you find out of pure luck since you've never seen it before).......
  7. nothing was touched, there wasn't even the slightest sign that someone had been there for a day, you hear a squeak of a door, you turn around and scream. but you see no one. now you feel more alone than you ever have before. tears pour down your face and you crumble in a ball crying. you just wish you could have said that you love them one more time.
  8. all seems pretty certain you were going to the castle if it was the last thing you do. you stood up walked to the door then heard the same creaking noise you heard just a minute ago
  9. "Bree" says an all-too-familiar voice, you turn around to see......CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!
  10. okay so i am so sorry this is late but i'm running out of ideas and there will be more action i promise, please suggest and tell me if this part rocked sucked was so-so or just tell me to stop while i'm ahead, thx!!

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