Love found at Sea part 14

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Hey its been a couple of weeks. Sorry. I've decided to do this weekly now. Cause this time of year is busy at school. So you should exspect a weekly sequal to this. Sorry for it being late. Comment please! Thanks

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Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. *Matthew's POV* I held ____ tightly. Dark beings were now surrounding me. Evil, cruel smiles appeared on their faces. Some laughed with amusement. Disgust grew inside of me. ____ was out in my arms so I couldn't let myself let her go or loose her. Never.....I will never give her up. Not to anyone.....Even if it costs my life!
  2. *Richard's POV* I summoned my magic power from within me to fight off the dark beings. Mixture of light balls, spears, and more. I saw Carl-2 from the corner of my eye and saw that he was about to attack my comrade Mac from behind. "Guess you don't even have the dignesty of fighting honorably." I said to him. He turned to me and smiled. "Been a while hasn't?" He said cruely. "Only 17 years." I said. His red eyes glowed with excit ment. "How about one on one?" He said. I got in my fighting stance and couldn't hold back a smile. "For a long time......" I said. A sword appeared in my hand and one appeared in his and our swords clashed.
  3. *Jacob's POV* I heard my brother and other friends fight. Swords clashing and cries were heard. I had Richard's gift on my back. The light arrow. It was kinda heavy along with the quiver. Luckly I didn't have a heavy sword. I sliced at dark being after another. These guys wont stop coming. I saw Matthew with _____. I can't loose. For my brother. My kingdom and my.....tears almost came down my cheek in rememberance of people from the kingdom. My family! I grabbed my bow and a arrow and shot it with light swirling around me. Lighting flowed behind it once I let a small release....
  4. *You POV* You open your eyes in Matthew's arms. You see a bunch of dark beings trying to get to you. "Your safe now ____." Matthew said to you. "Okay..." You say holding him closer. "Richard is going to send you th the boa-" Matthew said when a sword passed your heads. Matthew had to dodge it and saw it reflexion. "Sorry Matthew!" Richard yelled. "You almost chopped my head off!" Matthew yelled at him. Carl-2 smiled and said "Your not one to throw your weapon....." "I don't but I gotta call a little friend." Richard said. A circle with markings swirled around him. His eyes glowed pure white and a yellow light swirled around him with the markings. He cupped his hands together and said "I summon........sun rays armor!" He spread his arms and his clothes changed to bright armor. A roman like helm was on his head and a huge gold sword floated in his hand. The armor wasn't thick. In fact it looked supper light. "Gona play that way huh? Fine...I summon....." Carl-2 said and black purple markings swirled around him. "Demon armor!" He did the same thing as Richard. But different armor surouned him. It was a dark thick armor with horns as the helm and looked denomic with the ripped bat wings that showed bones. A black sword similar to Richard's appeared in his arm. They charged and swords clashed once again.
  5. *Richard's POV* Our swords hit and the power from our strength and swords caused us to fly backwards. I flipped backwards and landed on my feet so I wouldn't injure myself. Carl-2 already charged me and I barely dodge. I stuck him in the back but he disappeared. I looked from my sides and back to see where he would appear. He came from above. I rolled and he struck again. Then our swords meet again. He attacked, I block, I'd attack he would block. It went back and forth. A grin came upon his face. "What?" I said. "Funny.....a person using dark magic using light magic to fight...." He laughed of enjoyment. "I'm no longer going down that path!" I yelled. "Oh really? Your eyes show other wise. And your teleportation......admit it your still one of us...." He said. No I wasn't going to be like him. I hated being that and was trapped when I was a dark being because of Lily's brainwashing. "I said I'm not going down that path anymore!" I said. I dodged his previous attack and struck him in the side. "I'll never betray my brothers again. This is my oath.....I Prince Richard will never betray my brothers, friends, and kingdom. I'll sacrifice myself for them!" I said. He stumbled and I struck continuesly. I ment those words. And once after over many strikes I stopped and said "I wont break that oath..."
  6. *Jacob's POV* Arrows flew one after another with the power of light and lighting. Dark beings burned away when they were struck. "For my Kingdom...." I whispered. "For" I whispered again. They soon started to back away. "For everyone that you made suffer!" I yelled at them. I let go another arrow and it destory all of them in front of me. The rest ran away. Telepotrting to different places. "You cowards!" I yelled. I turned and saw Richard and heard him say "I wont break that oath....even if it costs my life....." Carl-2 was lying there dead. I heard his oath. And when I heard it I felt warmth. But also like tieing a lock on someone. Or to a boulder. I then noticed that the fight was over. Jarrad, Mac, Pip, Carl, Matthew, and _____ were all safe. "We won!" I said raising my bow in the air. "We better leave. They'll come back with creatures nasty, and more powerful then they are themselves. Made from pure darkness and evil. It'll be hard to fight. That and we got what we came for." Richard said. I nodded. "Okay eveyone gather. I'm going to teleport where Mary is. Then back on the boat. It should be out on sea by the time we are there." He explained. "How long have we been here?" I asked. "3 Days" Richard said. "What!?" We all exclaimed but we already were in the middle of teleportation.
  7. *15 minnutes later on the ship* We got Mary and everyone else back on the ship. It was in the middle of the sea. "How do you guys start sailing with only 2 people?" I asked the captain. "All in strategy my boy." He said. ____ was sitting on a barrel, looking out in the endless sea. I walked next to here and asked "How's your leg?" "Its okay....I think. Richard and Mary are looking for ingrediants for something. Said that it will heal the broken bone." She said. "Thats good hopefully. So havn't really gotten to have a good conversation in years....' I said. "Yeah. Its like whenever I try to have a decent conversation something bad happens......." She said looking down. "Why do you look like its all your fault?" I asked. "Its just everyone does so many good things for me. Then they get hurt...." She said. "Name one thing." I said to her. "Richard was helping me with reasearch about Lily then she killed him....then she forced him to a dark being." She said sadly. "Well he's helping us now with magic and teleportation. He's like a wizard. Little creepy with the red eyes but I'll get use to them. So what else was your fault that one of us got hurt?" I asked her. "Mary when we teleported...." She said. "Look its not your fault." I said. "It is..." She said. Her chin quivered. "Look do you wanna know why we help you?" I said. " you?" She asked me with a weak voice. "We consider you family. Its because we love you. If you never walked through those doors of the castle our lives would have been even worse. Lily would still be on the loose." I said. I shivered."Lily...." I said like the name was cursed. "Thanks." She said. "No problem. Now time for a rematch at chess. Richard! This time I'm going to beat you!" I said and turned around to look for him. She laughed. Richard came back with some herbs and Mary had hot water. "I'm gona beat you in chess!" I said to him. She laughed again. Guess I'll play to turn her frown upside down. Richard sighed and said "If you insist on loosing."
  8. *Your POV* You laugh as Jacob loss another chess game. "Rematch!" he said fustrated. Richard said "Fine, just so you'll stop asking." He snapped his fingers and the chess pieces that were scattered everywhere was put perfectly in place. Mary mixed something in a small bowl. "Those two. Feels like the game room all over again." She said. "Sure is." You say. "HOW DID YOU CHECK MATE MY KING WITH ONLY 5 MOVES!?" Jacob said. "You left your king open in the first place." Richard said. "Fine check mate!" Jacob said. "Thats my bishop." Richard said. "Oh....I always get them confused." Jacob said. "You get everything confused." Richard said. "Aye Jacob. He seems to never learn." Mary said. She put a white like cream with mint leaves in it and other herbs. She put it on your broken leg. You felt the nice minty coolness in your leg. Then you notice that your leg is as good as new. "Wow thanks." You say. "All of reasearch in herbs my entire two lives." She said. "Well you should be the kingdom doctor. At least back then."
  9. "REMATCH!" Jacob exclaimed. Richard sighed "If you insist." "Well I thought about being a doctor but changed my mind. It was actually fun being arounf the brothers. They just have this home aroma around them." Mary said. "Check mate." Richard said. "I'm tired of this game! You always beat me." Jacob said. "First off you leave your king wide open. And I left my king open over hundreds of times so you can beat me yet you don't see them. What other game do you wanna play? Sherades?" Richard asked. "Yes!" What am I?" Jacob said looking like he's swimming. "Sea turtle" Richard said. "Are you reading my mind? Like using your mind powers?" Jacob asked. "You always think of sea turtles. Since we were three and our tutor talked about them. You literary fell in love with them." Richard said. Matthew came in and hugged his two brothers in arm locks. "Come on. Richard stop being a smart alic. Jacob, you gotta stop thinking about turtles." They both were about to say something but he bumped their heads togather and they both said "Ow" in unison. "Good." Matthew said and let them go. You just laughed. "And thats how it ends." Mary said. "Hey Jacob!" Matthew said. "And another begins." Mary whispered in your ear. Matthew threw Jacob a fancing sword. They practice fencing and Jacob struck Matthew at the chess but Jacob tripped and it looked like Matthew tripped him, but he didn't. "Hey! Thats cheating!" Jacob said. "I didn't trip you." Matthew said. "I felt your boot!" Jacob said. They argued for a second and Richard who was reading a book motioned his hand in a slice. Then Matthew and Jacob grabbed their heads. "Brain freeze!" They both said. "Now some peace and quiet." Richard said. Mary laughed. "It always go back and forth with these three......" She smiled and so do you.
  10. The boat all of a sudden started to rock rapidly and made everyone on ship to loose balance except Richard, Jacob, and Matthew. Richard sniffed the wind and said "Aye Carl-2 found us. Should ve know from the hounds." You hear a grawl near your ear. A strom swirled around you. Thunder was clashing at the ship. "Ready.....Set......GO!" Matthew said. Richard started to summon something. Jacob pulled out his quiver and an arrow. Matthew pulled his sword and the from a flash of lighting stood Carl-2.....

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