Love found at sea (Part 11)

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Hi! Part 11 is out! I know it been a while. I have three different series that I'm working on! If you havn't heard or seen them they are called "4 Boys and so many possibilities" and my newest one "Life in Cocoon"

Take them if you please. Comment and rate also. It really helps! Read my anouncments! Thank you vary much and I hope you have a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. Matthew looked at where Richard was. "I'm worried about him. Those dark powers they seem to be getting a little out of his control..." Matthew said. You hanged on tightly to his arm. You layed you head on his chest and said "I miss you....." He held you tightly. You felt his nice warm body. His nice firm chest. You two stayed like that for a while. You let go and walked to the study. "What are we looking for?" You asked. "Richard has millions of books here. Some are fictional, history, poetry and more. But he also has books that were written before the kingdom's time. So maybe this war that we been hearing about is in one of the historical books...." Matthew said. "But where to start....." He said. "Well what I remember from our past life is that Richard had a lot of secret entry ways in here with secret rooms. I only know one so maybe we can check there." You said. You pulled the book that opened up the three extra levels of books. You climbed to the top on the creaking ladders to the top and pulled another book out. It was the wrong one. You pulled another and you hear a crack. A book shelf moves forward and off to the side. Dust flew out and there was the book that Lily stole. It was now back in place. Below it was the small door leading to the small room. You opened it. You crawled inside with Matthew comeing in from behind.
  2. You saw the small old dusty desk with books and paper and a chair with a candle. The canle was still usealble. You looked through the books and found on called "The War wil begin" You flipped through the pages and found one that said "The war will begin in the third life of the three princes. They shall travel to distant lands by sea. With the power of light in theri hands. The being of light will not be able to help with them. For she had found their true love. Now her duty is complete and must watch from above the bloody battle. The three princes, one with the eyes of sky blue, one with the dark hair and the third with wisdom flowing through his mind; shall fight and decide weather or not the world be consumed by darkness or shine with light....." You told Matthew about it. "So thats all about the war?" He asked. You gave him the book and flipped through it. "The rest are emptied pages. But some of these words are new. Actually the ones in the begining are older then the ones on this page.....and that one is older then this one!" You and Matthew looked at each other. "This book is written by different people....." Matthew said.
  3. "Because people dreamt of the war." Mary said behind you. "Mary how did you get in here?" You asked. "The book shelf doesn't close until you put the book back." She said. "Okay so these people dreamt about it?" Matthew asked. "As far as I know yeah." Mary said getting a closer look at the book. "What I'm curious is how the book ended up here....." She looked it through with her big beautiful purple eyes. Then the walls shook. "Whats happening?" You asked. You heard crash from the outside. You crawled out of the room and there you saw Scar the girl with the four braids and some other dark beings. "Told you we'd be back light girl." Scar said. Light glowed in your hand when Matthew grabbed it instead. "Remember what happened when I did that it only shattered as it got close to her." Matthew whispered in your ear. "Get them!" The girl said. The three dark beings behind them then turned into dark pillars of darkness and went straight to you. Then something stopped them. You looked and saw Mary with a sheild of light protecting everyone. "Come on need some back up here!" She said in a whisper. She crouched down as the dark beings used their magic. You heard Jacob. He did orbs of light at the three dark beings. But they moved and Mary took a breath of air as if she was under water for a long time. She almost colapsed. You caught her and then the dark beings started to turn on Jacob. But a sheild of light protected him. You saw out of the shadows Richard. Richard swung his hand to his chest and closed his palm. Then the light sheild shattered to little spikes at the dark beings. Jacob nodded and did a ray of light at them.
  4. Matthew slid down the latters and to the bottom. When he was on the ground he did a light kick. (Play Defiers of fate FF13 before continueing)
  5. Matthew did strikes of light that were astonishing. He stopped to catch a quick breath. Jacob was quick and agile whenever the dark beings tried to attack him. Richard did countless of spells to weaken them. Most of them was on the 4 braided girl. Mary got up slowly and said "We gotta go" "How?" You asked her. She smiled and said "Its time to fly light being." Mary jumped down and did a stream of thick light floated right above everyone else's heads. She first landed on a streak of light that floated five feet from the third floor. You followed her. Then the streak lowered to the one on the bottom and you ran with Mary out of the study while the guys were fighting the dark beings. You ran as fast as you can. Then Mary yelled after being on the first floor, "NOW!!!!!" Then you felt the strange force push you down but it was not as strong as before. Like it had a lot of things its doing at the same time. A dark vortex swirled around you. It had beautiful speckles of lights that glowed like stars. Then you blacked out.
  6. You slowly open your eyes. You notice that your back inside the beautiful icy cavern again. The river was not there through and the flowers bloomed like normal. There was a tree and three statues far away. You try to sit up but feel a great pain in your waist. You look and see a cut. It was deep, bleeding and wide. Like a knife sliced through part of your side. You look to your side and see that Mary had a cut also but on her chest. She was still out cold. You looked up and saw the beautiful crystals that hanged up in the ceiling. "What happened...." You thought. Mary slowly opened her eyes and got up painfully. She didn't scream or anything. She flinched and sat up vary slowly. One eye was closed as she tried not to let the pain overwelm her. "Mary what happened?" I said.
  7. Hi! Thats the end of 11! Sorry it took me forever! I have an anouncment!
  8. Okay even though Danica's B-day was yesterday. I'm still going to do my best to have her part one of Beautiful Secrets on the front. So if you like to help its open up to all of you. It would help. But I'm going to do whatever I can to get her series on the front page. No matter how long it takes. Mark my words! Thank you.
  9. Take Beautiful Secrets! Its one of the best series on here!
  10. Also thanks angelic4! You were the first one to comment on my first ever quiz. I'm still new here and all. But I thank you vary much. You always read my series! Thank you and give her a big round of a plause! *I clap*. Thanks a lot!

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