Fallen Angels ..War...and a hint of Love: Part:1

Derrick Moody is on his way..to Hell. Help this troubled man along the way through, pain, sorrow, death, and love. Thankyou for all of the positive comments in the intro, I hope this'll be a sucessful new series!

if you're wondering who the guy as the quiz pic is, well that's Derrick. I found the perfect Picture for him, and put it there for you're own use. While you're at it, try Far From Home ~ ffdp (yes, I will be asking of you to listen to a song that most qualifys to the quiz that day, better get used to it! xD Have fun)

Created by: krdffdpfan

  1. My tan boots thumped on the ground as I tapped my foot. Finallly, I heard my flight called. I couldn't believe I was pulling this off. I'm actually going to Afghanistan. Just a month ago, I decided to join the U.S. Army. Along last month, my wife Evelyn and I got a divorce, and our son died at 3 days old. They said that he died of Lung failure, but I knew better. I accused the hospital of murder. Of course, as a Father, I couldn't accept my child dying. but I knew it was impossible for him to die of Lung failure. That's when Evelyn and I got in a huge fight, she didn't believe me and told me to grow up, get a life, a job, and a new wife. That's when I decided to join the Army. I had nothing good to do with my life.. it was already falling apart.
  2. I stood up and hefted my camouflage backpack over my shoulder. I took a deep breath as I stepped into the millitary plane. My adrenaline shot up, and my heart race, a single bead off sweat rolled down my face. Afghanistan is a long way from home, very far from home... I took a seat next to a sturdy African American man. He looked at me with dark brown eyes, and a cheerfull smile, he offered his hand for a shake, and I polietly took it. "name's Brent." he said "but you can call me Edwards." I smiled and introduced myself "Derrick Moody." After that, I learned that Edwards was from Chicago Illinois, and might be in the same squadron as me. I heard the Plane's engines start up. Soon, we where going down the narrow runway, and up into the clear blue sky, and beyond.
  3. "so Moody.." Edwards went on "You married?" I shook my head "not no more I ain't." "she divorce ya?" edwards asked smiling. I chuckled and nodded "Now I know never to mess with women again.." I said glancing out the window. "Not all of 'em are like that." he said "i've got myself a nice wife waitin' for me back home." he chuckled "sweet as the cherry pie she bakes every Sunday morn'" "Wish mine did that." i said a hint of sarcasm in my voice. That Edwards started belly laughing like a drunken man.
  4. *Fast Forward* Day 1 in Afghanistan About 6 other guys , Edwards, and I made up a squadron. I quickly learned all of their names and origins. Alex Benningfeild- a white Man with a buzz cut, buff, and from from New Jersey. José Garcia- a Hispanic Man with pitch black gelled hair, a little chubby, and from New Mexicio. Westly Main- A white man from Oklahoma, brown shaggy hair, and broad. Jackson Perry- African American man from D.C, norlmal size with short, black, curly hair. Blake Freedman- White 18 year old from Hollywood, short, and blonde headed. Ivan Balthory- A white man with brown hair, from New York.
  5. Our Commander came in, and brought us outside with the other squads. There was about 100 of us at that camp. I stood between Edwards, and José, at full attention. Suddenly, I heard murmuring at the end of the line. All three of us stood on our toes to see what was going on, but couldn't see anything. Then I saw it. My jaw dropped, eyes went wide, right there was a woman. No native, but an actual American woman. she was dressed in the same as all of us, dull camo, bt hers didnt have any wrinkles, and smaller. Apparently, I was the only one to be having this reaction, for she came up to me, and poked her pointer-stick thing in my face. "what are you looking at?" she asked, now lifting my chin up to the same level as the other men with her stick "n-nothing s- i mean Ma'am." Holy cow she was beautiful. Her shiny, black, wavy hair was in a jumble, but see if I care. "who is this?" she asked my commander. "He's Moody, derrick Miss Walz." she nodded and grinned at me "so, you're the one i've been hearin' 'bout." I bit my lip "you're the one that got divorced with you wife huh?" I nodded and murmured to her "yes Ma'am." She stood there and pondered for a moment "Moody?" "Yes Ma'am?" I asked. She thumped the top of my head with her stick "drop down and give me 20." I nodded and did 20 push ups. At ten, I felt a heavy weight on my back as if someone were on me. I glanced over my shoulder to see what it was and saw...
  6. choose a # my friend, no looking ahead or cheating!
  7. #7 I see.. José standing on my back! I felt my bones crack, then his lips touch my ear in a franctic whisper "suprize, suprize, i'm a terrorist!" he put his gun to my head and... BANG!
  8. #5 I see.. Miss Walz standing on my back! "keep going Moody! Keep going!" she yelled. I tried and tried, huffed and huffed, but collapsed at 12. She kicked my side "go home Moody, go Home." My face burned red in embarresmant.
  9. #13 and I see.. Miss Walz! keep going Moody! Keep going!" she yelled. I finished my pushups with Miss Walz standing on my back. Once I reached 20, she helped me up, and slapped my back. "Good Work Moody, you're good for the job."
  10. Cliffhanger
  11. PLEASE cmment,and rate! Note: not all of my facts are true for this quiz.

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