Who will fall for you? The vampire, Fallen angel?

Who will fall for you? One of the two vampires or one of the two fallen angels? Take this quiz to find out. Maybe you'll just end up falling for one of the boy's maybe you'll end up hating one or two

Thanks for taking the quiz!!!! I hope you like it. And I hope you like the characters. I know I'm loving Balthazar! Alex seems like a jerk, right? Well he is!! See who falls for you!

Created by: Jesse

  1. You just turned 18 and are walking home from a bar. You sense someone is following you, so you look back. You see four guys following you. You start to run. Where do you go?
  2. As you start to run to your doorstep someone with black hair, and pale blue eyes stop right in front of you. Someone grabbed you from behind. You are knocked out. What are you thinking?
  3. You wake up in a very nice room. The four boy's who were following you are in the room. "who are you?" you ask. "I'm Christian." the boy with pale blue eyes said. "I'm Adrian." said the boy with dark brown messy hair, with green eyes. "I'm Alex" said the boy with blond hair and blue eyes. "And I'm Balthazar" said the boy with dark black hair and black eyes.
  4. "Well, what the heck am I doing here?" you ask. "We know what you really are, Eve." said Balthazar. "How do you know my name?" you start to get mad. "Calm down." said Alex. "Don't get mad you'll only-" he stopped and walked out of the room.
  5. The boy's looked at you and Balthazar winked at you. "He was going to say you'll only bare your fangs and bite one of us." he said.
  6. Your stomach growls and you blush. "I'm guessing your starving." said Christian for the first time. "Follow us and we'll lead you downstairs." you follow them to the hallway. "My room is across the hall from you." said Balthazar. "My room is next to his." said Adrian. "Alex's room is across from Adrian's room. And my room is at the end of the hall." said Christian. You catch Balthazar staring at you.
  7. At the table in the dinning room there are burgers, steaks, and ice cream. Your mouth starts to water. You hear a laugh at your side. Its Balthazar. "Here. Sit next to me." he said politely.
  8. Alex walks in and sits across from you. He smiles and winks at the girl behind you. "Hey Maggie. What's up?" Alex said to the girl behind you. "Hey Alex. I'm good. Do you want me to get you something to drink?" Maggie asked him. He shakes his head. Maggie leaves. You feel jealous. But then you smile at Balthazar.
  9. "Let's cut the crap." said Alex. "Look, Eve. I'm a Fallen angel. Balthazar is a Fallen angel. Christian and Adrian are both vampires. And you are. Mix between fallen angel and vampire."
  10. "Stop lying! I'm a human." you yell. "No. Your not." said Adrian. "We will show you your family history. But Alex is NOT lying. We never lie." "Trust us, Eve. We won't hurt you. And we will never lie to you." said Balthazar
  11. This is it for now, guys!! Thanks for taking the quiz. Who's hot so far?

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