are you a vampire-werewolf-demon or angel?

Are you an vampire,werewolf,demon or an angel? if you want to know, find out here! Most people who take this quiz will really enjoy it! this is just a fun quiz.

Are you dangerous? Viscouis? villianous? or Loyal? i don't know but take this quiz to find out! You will enjoy it very very very much! so... are you gonna take it!

Created by: cameron

  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. if i gave you a doughnut, would you...?
  3. Choose one...
  4. what's your favourite animal?
  5. Whats your favourite food?
  6. where would your dream home be?
  7. choose a symbol?
  8. what is your preferred element?
  9. Are you single? In a relationship? In mulitple relationships? Refuse to date? Aren't allowed to date?
  10. Are you ready for the last question?

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Quiz topic: Am I a vampire-werewolf-demon or angel?