Love found at sea (Part 9)

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Hi! Hope you enjoy part 9! Sorry that this one is late. I had some writers block. Yeah and I thought up of another series. Its called "4 Boys and so many possibilities"

Sorry if its not so good. I'm doing my best though! Comment and rate please. It helps a lot!

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You had to explain to everyone that Richard was dead. Even though he was still alive but Jacob told Jarrad that he was dead and you went along with it. You heard Pip cry himself to sleep and you heard Taylor crying above on the sails. You felt bad lying to them and you think about all the good things that Richard did for the crew. How he didn't break down. But you remember about what happened with Matthew. You didn't know a Matthew but still that was terrible what he did. But yet again that was never Richard. But what is he buying us time for? For what? More and more questions swarmed into your head. "Whats suppose to happen?" You say. You go to sleep and have a terrible nightmare. Your running in the same medow like before. But the tree was dead and the grass was no longer there. You heard crying. You look to your left and saw Jacob in the room with the chess kingdom of the castle in the prosperous kingdom. He was crying and said "Check mate..." Then you saw the girl named Lily. She was laughing. "Whats wrong little light girl having a nightmare?" She laughed. You wake up with a start. You get out of bed and go on deck. You see that no one is there. You do a sigh and think. What to do now? Minnutes passed. Soon those minnutes passed into hours and those hours turned to days. Thos days turned into weeks. Then the weeks turned into months.
  2. You see that it was hard for everyone else to move on for Richard but they all did. But you would still hear Pip cry himself to sleep on some nights. Jacob still seemed depressed. He was now 19 and hadn't changed. He sees a chess board and either kicks it or cries. You see that Richard left his journal there and started to read it when you were board. You laugh when Jacob would do something stupid in chess and lose. You smiled looking at all of the good time that the three brothers had. But you reached Lily and you just wanted to close the book but you just wanted to read it like a normal book. One day you were on your bed reading it. You hear Pip cry again. You walk outside and go to Pip's room. But the big guy was not there. You walked around and saw him on deck. He had a knife in his hand and seemed tempted to do something. "Is something wrong?" You asked him. He looked at you and said "Nothing just crying myself to sleep again....." "Is it because of Richard?" You asked. He nodded. "Before Richard came I was always tempted to cut myself......I was born as a abandoned child. I learned to survive on my own when someone left me after they saw me a baby. I never learned to speak and I was kinda savage......but one day when I was 4 I met Richard. I remember the same words he asked me. 'Are you okay?' he asked me. I nodded my head but he said 'follow me' That day he had a little glow behind him. Like something good was about to happen. Like he was a light being or something. Then he took me and gave me a family with his. His mom was nice and we grew up like brothers ever since...." Pip said. You didn't know that they knew each other that long. "When I was little I use to cut myself. But He got me to stop. He was the only reason whay I wanted to live. To go on adventures together and just have a family. But now that he's dead....I'm tempted to cut myself. But I just cry myself to sleep..." Pip said. "Pip its okay. Richard was your family but you also have another. The crew. You and Richard made a little family with the entire ship. I know cause you all act like brothers. So your not alone. You still have a family." You say to him. "I do don't I.....I may have known them all my sea life but they are still my family. I guess your right......but I miss Richard....but I'll hang on.....thanks Arua...." He said. He smiled and put the knife down.
  3. You said your good nights and was about to go to your room but you saw Jacob. He was looking at the water. You walked next to him and asked "Whats wrong?" "Nothing just wondering what's suppose to happen now...I mean Richard is buying us time. But for what?" Jacob said. "Maybe Scar?" You say. "But what's Scar's plan? What is another dark being going to do now?" Jacob said. "Well he wanted to turn us so maybe thats the reason." You say. "I dunno but-" Jacob was about to say but a small black portal opened and a note flew out of it. Jacob caught it and read it aloud "The three princes shall return. With light in their veins and return, the kingdom of thought once lost, but will come with a cost, the cost of a repeated death again to save the world of light. Richard" "What is this suppose to mean" You say. "Well the three princes is obivious. But to save the world. Save it from what? And a repeated death. Who's death?" Jacob said.
  4. You read it over and over again. Then a shine of light shows. But behind it was a dark figure. The dark figure looked like a evil dog with wings. The light disappeard and the dog came your way. "Whats that?" You asked. The dog came on the ship. It's wings disappeared. It had red eyes, with black hair and it was big. The body was like a wolf's. You and Jacob pulled out your swords. But the dog spoke. "Its me you guys" Said Richard's voice. But it was like he spoke in your mind. "Wait how are you a dog?" Jacob asked. "Long story. But I found out that Matthew was reborn. Just not where we were born and raised. He was born in the hands of Cleo." Richard said. "Who's Cleo." You asked. "She's the first dark being that was human. I met her once. Not a nice girl. But I'm trying to find where she is. I'll give you more imformation while I can though. You have 5 minnutes and then I have to go." Richard said. "Okay so Matthew was reborn?" Jacob said "Your not doing a cruel trick or anything?" The eyes glowed "I can understand why you wouldn't trust me. But I spoke with the woman in white. I told her directions and she's waiting for you in the lost kingdom-" Richard was saying but another black portal came and three dark creatures came. They looked like Richard. "Well well lead us to her eh Rich-" You heard Scar but Richard wolf tackled him and all of the dark beings teleported to who knows where. "Matthew was born?" Jacob said. His eyes shined with hope. "But he is at the Prosperous kingdom. We better get over there. Apperently something big is going to happen and you three have to be part of it." You say.
  5. Jacob's POV: My brother is alive! He was reborn! I miss him! Can't wait to see him and it'll be like......but things changed now....maybe he doesn't remember like I do....maybe he is a dark being......what will happen when I see him again? Will he be the same brother that I always knew.......
  6. Back to your POV: Days pass as you try to find your way back to the lost kingdom. But you couldn't find it at all. You start to see that the clouds are starting to change. Like into a storm. You stay away from it. You would have weird dreams of the woman in white, that red eyed girl Lily, drowning, a horrible battle of light and darkness. And your in the middle of it all. But you would always hear a voice that would say "This will happen no matter what" But the voice was unfamiliar.
  7. One day there is thunder in the clouds. You and the crew try to get away from the storm but it seems to be following you. Then you couldn't move the ship at all. The ship tips over and you see Scar and he said "Hey! How was the cat and mouse game going for you? Took us a while but we found ya!" "You pull out your sword but Scar said "Ah ah aah!" He shook his finger in a no. Then black clouds that looked like ropes wrapped around everyone. You struggled to get free but the more you struggled the tighter it got. "Hows that for a hug?" Scar said. "What do you want?" Jacob said. "Nothing just your surrender. Alll you need to do is become one of us to seal the deal!" Scar said. "Never" Jacob said.
  8. "Thats too bad cause I have some hungry new dark beings here. They are starving for some pain and suffering." Scar said and some dark beings appeared behind him. "What have you done to Richard?" Jacob asked. "I dunno. I used my body guards to stall him. Just so he wont see you-" Scar was about to say. But a bolt of light hit him. You looked up and saw a girl. She had white hair. She was 18 years old with purple eyes. Her clothing was some ragged brown with stitches on it here and there with a brown short tunic with a white shirt underneath. She was beautiful. She dropped down from the sails and said "Don't you dare do anything to hurt him!" A black portal showed and came out was a big dark bird that had darkness as it's feathers with red eyes. It blew light on the dark beings and Scar. It screeched and then turned into a dark dog. It landed and a ball of light hit the floors where the dark beings were and they were soon gone.
  9. The red eyes of the dark dog glowed and darkness swirled around him and there stood Richard. The girl looked at him and then at Jacob. "It's been a while...." She said. They all looked at each other. "Hi Mary" Jacob said. She looked at you and said "Who are you?" "I'm Aura" You say. "Okay so you guys know where you guys are headed?" She asked. "To the prosprous kingdom." You say. "And your going the wrong way. Richard I thought you gave them the right directions." She asked him. "Sorry but I was kinda busy fighting off the dark beings so they wont attack the ship you dirty littl-" He stop himself and said "I apologize. The darkness is just slipping out again...." Mary looked at him and her face softened a bit but then she said "Okay I got a message that you guys needed some help." "Well how do we get to the kingdom?" You asked. "I dunno I havn't been there since my past life." She said. "I'm still confused about all this light beings and dark beings stuff...." You say.
  10. Then everyone looked at Richard. "What are you all looking at me for?" He said. "Well you have the powers of dark beings and light beings. Teleport where ever and whenever you want and practically solve every problem." Jacob said. Richard shook his head and a cruel smile went across his face. Like the one from the little showing that he showed you and Jacob. "Vary true. I'll see what I can do. But you guys are going east and will end up in London. You need to go west. Which is the direction your coming from. But it would be really dangerous to travel by ship to the kingdom. It be best if I teleported the entire ship there." Richard said. Jacob nodded and said "Alright lets go get our brother!" Richard's eyes glowed red. You heard a big sharp ringing. The winds around you seemed to be surrounded by a black tornado. But in all that darkness was small speckles of light. You fell on your side from a strange force. You looked and saw Jacob and Mary on the ground. You tried to get up but the force was strong. Then it slowly died down. You were able to stand up. The swirling black cloud around the ship disappeared into the speakles of light. Then you looked at the dock that lead to the kingdom. Richard's eyes stopped glowing and he didn't fall like everyone else. Jacob got up and said "Warn us next time! What was that force pushing us down?" Mary got up and Richard said "Me, if you all stood up durring the teleportation then your bodies themselves wouldn't be able to take in the speed, going through the vortexs of light and darkness. When I teleport its different cause I teleport in between worlds. So everyone on the ship not including me would have turned to dust if the force coming from me didn't push you down. It was like a sheild. Protecting you from seeing the worlds." Richard said.
  11. Mary and you both nodded. You looked at the port, knowing that the adventure truely begins here.............
  12. Hi! Hope you enjoyd part 9! Part 10 will be out soon!

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