Does he/she like you? (Boys and Girls)

I have gone through alot in the last couple months and I know when a guy likes a girl, or when a girl likes a guy. I am not gonna lie it probly wont be 100% accurate because Im not a mind reader but it will be pretty close!

This quiz is for girls and guys to take. Do you think he/she likes you? Are you right? Take this quiz and in a few minutes you will know! Please enjoy and dont forget to comment and rate!!! :D

Created by: Quiztogo
  1. First I feel the need to ask this? (It doesnt count..yet)Are you gay?
  2. ***Now only answer this question if you said yes to my question above!!*** Are they gay to?
  3. Now does he/she talk/text you alot?
  4. Does he/she know you like them?
  5. Do they ever try to make you laugh, or look at them?
  6. Do you notice him/her blush around you?
  7. Do you friend think he/she likes you?
  8. Does their smile change in any way when they are around you?
  9. How long have you known them?
  10. Is he/she mean to you in any why?
  11. Are you competive with them? Like in sports?
  12. Do you know things about them?
  13. What do they think of you?
  14. Do they like someone else???
  15. I am doing this just to annoy you(: Whats you favorite color?!? (Doesnt count)
  16. This doesnt count either but... do you know Shane Dawson? (on youtube)

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