How much does he like you?

Boys are an alien creature to all but few girls. Only those with the privalage of good friends of the male origin can figure this race out. However, the rest of us have to work it out.

However, this quiz has come from someone who has a good insight into boys brains, having two brothers. The results may not be correct, but they are the closest thing to the truth I have.

Created by: Siobhan
  1. If he catches you staring at him, he....
  2. When talking to him, he......
  3. You text him, he......
  4. When you walk past him, he......
  5. You have friends who are friends with him, you ask them and they say....
  6. How many times a week (on average) do you see him?
  7. How hot would you rate him?
  8. How pretty would you rate yourself?
  9. Lol Lol
  10. How much did you like this?(no effect)

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