Does She Like Me? (Quiz For Guys)

Girls like boys, boys like girls its just the way it goes. But does the girl you like, like you back? Take this quiz and find out how she really feels.

Wanna know if she likes you? Take this quiz and find out girls flirt do you flit back, does she wanna be friends, does she wanna be moreeee than friends, does she hate you? Take this quiz and get it straight from the source.

Created by: emma :D
  1. Does she ever stop smiling when your talking?
  2. Do you find her attractive?
  3. Does she ever touch you? (bump into you, brush shoulders something like that)
  4. When she looks at you what does she do?
  5. Do you ever talk to her on the phone or after school?
  6. How much does she flirt with her?
  7. How much do you talk to her?
  8. Do you like her?
  9. Do you ever miss her when your not together?
  10. Ready to know if she likes you?

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