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  • idiotic

    shashank Jan 5 '17, 6:58AM
  • She doesn't like me....too bad....i'm a girl

    Jordan the girl May 14 '16, 3:05PM
  • She has a boyfriend I'm pretty sure but it said she likes me!:):):)

    xMoTiioN_F1R3 Nov 18 '15, 4:20PM
  • I love her just too scared too ask her out I need advice

    Lover101 Apr 28 '15, 1:36PM
  • I'm scared too ask her but I love her

    Lover101 Apr 28 '15, 1:35PM
  • ....she probably hates me because I'm a girl. ( ; _ ; )

    ichigoi9 Jul 15 '14, 1:13AM
  • i love this girl So im happy

    denzel Jul 25 '13, 3:43AM
  • i love this girl So im happy

    denzel Jul 25 '13, 3:42AM
  • i love this girl So im happy

    denzel Jul 25 '13, 3:40AM
  • i love this girl So i am happy i got a yeS

    denzel Jul 25 '13, 3:38AM
  • i got a yes im gonna ask her out

    denzel Jul 25 '13, 3:33AM

  • i got no looooolzzz

    samimi Dec 3 '12, 1:10AM
  • i passed the quiz and i got yess lolzzzzzz"""

    samimi Dec 3 '12, 1:08AM
  • i feel lucky

    samimi Dec 3 '12, 1:07AM
  • hell yeah! my girls hot sexy and mine for the taking

    memam Aug 12 '12, 5:26PM
  • Hi I'm a girl and when I took this it WAS ALL WRONG!!!!! I reccomend just saying CUTE things,she will get the MESSAGE

    Kidsafewear Apr 16 '12, 5:48PM
  • I got yes but it's hard to trust a computer, and i'm to shy to ask her to be my girl friend

    Andreas Vege Apr 14 '12, 7:17AM
  • going to ask her... will post results

    ohaiimrarity Jan 12 '12, 9:44PM
  • i like my girl but apparently its not mutual

    JTblack Jan 2 '12, 5:23PM
  • Last week I did this quiz, and it was a Yes. Then I asked her out, and it turns out she really does like me! :D�

    DuggyBoyy Apr 6 '11, 9:34PM
  • why does every girl i like just wanna be friends? oh well lol

    johnmiami Jan 24 '11, 11:58AM
  • i got yes mine is HOTTT

    halt Jul 17 '10, 1:37PM

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