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  • "Ooh cool! Great job. What was your distance/time? Last week I threw the discus 76 feet flat but that's pretty awful. i'm not good at discus"
  • "Being sore is good! It means you're building muscle. Don't worry, it will go away sooner or later."
  • How to run faster
    "Ok great! At least you are running because running is awesome! If you do get injured however (hopefully not :) ), definitely go see a sports..."
  • How to run faster
    "Why would anyone trust the fifth link that pops up after google "how to run faster"? It's the first rule of the internet--don't trust anythi..."
  • How to run faster
    "Don't trust everything you read online. That website is NOT credible."
  • How to run faster
    "Shin pains are a result of heel striking. That's why racewalkers always get shin splints! Striking on the balls of your feet strengthens the..."
  • How to run faster
    "Yes, your calves will get sore at first from running on the balls of your feet, but that means they will strengthen in the long run (no pun ..."
  • How to run faster
    "Actually, running on your toes (well, the balls of your feet more accurately) is perfectly fine. That's how sprinters run, because it does i..."
  • "I workout every day, but that's because I run xc and track. I usually run about 8 miles a day after school for practice and do other conditi..."
  • "I thought you ran track."
  • Is it normal?
    "Um, first of all--eat!!!! Why haven't you eaten? Second of all, that vaccine isn't literally for cervical caner. It's for HPV"
  • Is it normal?
    "A vaccine is literally an injection of a small amount of the virus/bacteria it's preventing. It's normal to feel slight symptoms of that vir..."
  • X revives the Gym X
    "It really depends. I ran the mile in about 5:50 when I was that age, but I was on my high school track team. If you don't specifically train..."
  • "But if they're 1 foot taller than for their age, shouldn't they also be heavier...? Plus, 11-year-olds do NOT need to be working out."
  • I'm confused
    "Well, check back in a year or two when you have grown about half a foot, gained some weight, and your appetite is back down. (This same exac..."

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