Easy physics quiz #2!

Want to see how well you know physics? Then take this quiz and test your knowledge of this science. Or just use it as a study tool for any upcoming tests at school!

The material included in this quiz is the basics of physics. It should be extremely easy (no calculator required) if you know physics. If it's not, then study more.

Created by: mimimoose
  1. If Bob throws a baseball up into the air, what is the acceleration of the ball at the exact top of it's path?
  2. If a bullet is fired horizontally at the exact same time a bullet is dropped vertically, which one will hit the ground first (on Earth)?
  3. What is force?
  4. If all forces on an object are completely balanced out, can the object still be moving?
  5. Bob and his friend are building a snowman. If Bob is pushing a snowball with a force of 4N East and his friend pushes with a force of 3N South, what is the magnitude of the resultant force?
  6. When a dog gets wet, it shakes its body in order to shed the water. Which of Newton's Laws explains this?
  7. Apart from their literal definitions, how are static and kinetic friction different?
  8. If the moon revolves around Earth because it's held in by gravity, why doesn't it crash into Earth?
  9. Bob is running around a track. If he passes you (standing in the same place) twice every 3 minutes, what is the period of his revolutions?
  10. Bob is playing pool, and he hits the 8 ball (stationary) with the cue ball. Since all the balls have the same mass, what happens when the cue ball makes contact with the 8 ball?

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