Are you a Physics Nerd?

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There are over 7 billion people of the world since October 2011. But out of these, only a few are true geniuses, and you could be one of them. What is a genius? Someone who is clever and is able to solve hard, EXTREMELY hard puzzles and problems.

Are YOU a physics nerd? Can you succeed in your next physics test and make it all the way to Oxford or Cambridge university? Find out NOW if you are a physics nerd or not! :D

Created by: QwErTyUiOp
  1. Which way do magnets point on the Earth?
  2. Are magnetic fields flat?
  3. What is loadstone?
  4. What did people used to navigate with before compasses?
  5. When don't compasses work?
  6. Does electric current have a magnetic effect?
  7. If you answered yes to the previous question, well, then, how do you think you can see the magnetic field around the wire.
  8. What is an electromagnet?
  9. What are electromagnets used for?
  10. What are north poles attracted to?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Physics Nerd?