What kind of nerd are you

Nerd? What is it... Your brother, math teacher, you? Well you can see what kind of nerd are you... These questions are 20% nerd approved. You don't need to be book smart to answer.

How nerdy are you. Do you the multiplaction table forwards and backwards. Do you know what all the elements on that science graph thing or do you know a nerd when you see one?

Created by: Aleah
  1. So what is cool?
  2. Are you
  3. So, how the weather
  4. What is a nerd
  5. What is the perfect day for you
  6. Where can you locate nerds
  7. What is your middle name
  8. Why is this quiz all about nerds
  9. Are you
  10. So are you nervous

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Quiz topic: What kind of nerd am I