Do you see the same letter colors as me?

This is a test to see if your letter-color synesthesia is similar to mine. DON'T TAKE THIS TEST IF YOU DON'T HAVE SYNESTHESIA. (Otherwise you won't have any idea what's going on.)

In this quiz, I will ask what color each letter is. The first answer choice will be what I see for that letter. But answer truthfully, I want to see if my letter-colors are common or not.

Created by: mimimoose

  1. What color is A?
  2. What color is B?
  3. What color is C?
  4. D?
  5. E?
  6. F?
  7. G?
  8. H?
  9. I?
  10. J?
  11. K?
  12. L?
  13. M?
  14. N?
  15. O?
  16. P?
  17. Q?
  18. R?
  19. S?
  20. T?
  21. U?
  22. V?
  23. W?
  24. X?
  25. Y?
  26. Z?

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Quiz topic: Do I see the same letter colors as me?