Do you have synethesia

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Synesthesia is a neurological condition where 2 or more senses are cross-wired. So if taste and hearing were cross-wired, you would "taste sounds". It sounds crazy but it is real.

Are you wondering if you have synesthesia? Take this test and find out! Having 2 types of synethesia, I know exactly what it is like having synesthesia.

Created by: M4xximus7
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  1. Do you taste words?
  2. Do letters and numbers have personalities? Or genders? Or genders and personalities?
  3. Do letters, numbers and words have colours or shapes?
  4. Say "ding" in a high pitch. Do you think of any colours?
  5. If letters, numbers and words have different colours, does the colour change?
  6. Do the personalities and genders of the letters and numbers change?
  7. When you see somebody being hurt, do you feel like you're being touched?
  8. Do sounds smell?
  9. Do you taste sights?
  10. Last question: Do you see smells (without having a supernatural power)

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Quiz topic: Do I have synethesia