Are you a real New Yorker?

Many people claim to be New Yorkers. Over two thirds of them are probably tourists or liars. But there is a small group of people who really are true New Yorkers.

Are you one of this minority? Do you know something other than what the travel guides tell you? Take this quiz to find out if you really deserve to live in NYC!

Created by: mimimoose
  1. Would you ever visit the Empire State Building?
  2. True or false: You can catch the Bx 10 and the Bx 1 buses from the 231st Street stop on the 1 line subway.
  3. Do people ever tell you that you say the word "water" weirdly?
  4. True or false: Marble Hill is a neighborhood in Manhattan.
  5. Do you ever jay walk?
  6. True or false: The New Year's Eve Ball is a geodesic sphere, 12 feet in diameter, and weighs 11,875 pounds.
  7. Which baseball team are you a fan of?
  8. True or false: The last stop on the 4 line is Woodlawn.
  9. Have you ever bought food/drinks/candy from a food truck or stand?
  10. True or false: The orange subway line (B,D,F,M) goes to every borough.
  11. Would you feel awkward living anywhere other than New York City?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real New Yorker?