What You Know About Anything?

The following quiz is a sort of mixed bag to test your knowledge in history, Bible, geography, science etc. But if you think you know already everything then this quiz is not for you. On the other hand, if you think you know a little then this is the right quiz for you, "˜to whet your appetite,' so to speak, also to improve your knowledge as Henry Wheeler Shaw once said: "I honestly believe it is better to know nothing than to know what ain't so." Or this one: "˜It is what we think we know that keeps us from learning.' "” Chester Barnard.

2) Knowledge is good. But what good is knowledge if you cannot shared it with your friends and people you encounter every day in your walking life. That is the reason of this quiz – to share this knowledge with you, my friend.

Created by: Giuseppe Paolo
  1. 2) What the word agape means to you?
  2. 3) In the astrology/Zodiac, in which house is located the constellation of Leo?
  3. 4) In which year America was discovered?
  4. 5) Do the years 1798-1799 tell you anything? If so what happen then?
  5. 6) Altogether in the O. T. & N. T., how many books are there in the Protestant Bible?
  6. 7) Altogether in the O. T. & N. T., how many books are there in the Catholic Bible?
  7. 8) If you know your history well, what took place in Palestine in 1948?
  8. 9) Who said: "Veni, vidi, vici"?
  9. 10) Do you know why the sky is blue?
  10. 11) According to a well known psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, the colour of the unconscious is:
  11. 1) In the Bible where is written: "... In his days the earth was divided?"
  12. 12) Who said: "In hoc signo vincit"
  13. 13) "Terra firma" is a Latin word. What that mean in English?
  14. 14) In the Gospels, what Jesus did not say:
  15. 15) Where in the New Testament, and who is the author of the following saying?:" It is a more blessed thing to give, rather than to receive."
  16. 16) What is the capital of French Upper Volta?
  17. 17) What was the former name of the Sri Lanka Island?
  18. 18) Thailand was formerly known by the name:
  19. 19) In the Southeast Africa, what language most people speak?
  20. 20) Do you know the origin of the Japanese word arigato is:

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