do you know King of the hill (Jabediah)

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As everyone knows There are funny adult cartoons out there that give us bad influences, and dull the mind but do you know everything about the best???

If you know everything about the best mind dulling bad influence adult cartoon then take this quiz it will see if you have what it takes to survive... sorry im bored and its three in the morning :(

Created by: jabediah
  1. Who created King of the hill?
  2. Luane is the neice of who and from what relitive?
  3. Hank R Hill is Hanks full name
  4. The R in hanks name stands for what??
  5. Joseph Gribble is dale gribbles reall son?
  6. the creator of K.O.T.H also does what show?
  7. The creator of K.O.T.H does how many voices on the show?
  8. who does the voice of hank
  9. what is the name of Luane's Husband?
  10. Yo man like dangol you be talkin about like dangol sittin around like talkin bout dangol bill man now why dont ya'll like on dang ol get a life man?
  11. Dale Gribble is obsessed with government conspericies. name one he recently proved was wrong on accedent.
  12. Tom Petty Plays a character in K.O.T.H?
  13. If So what character does he play?
  14. Lucky is "his" reall name
  15. Hank Hills face Guess stared in Family guy When There home became infested by ghosts
  16. Who wrote the theame song?
  17. Who is Hank Hill's Reall dad?
  18. What is Bill dutrives proffession?
  19. what is dale gribbles proffesion?
  20. What did luane want to name her baby?
  21. What did Peggy name it instead?

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Quiz topic: Do I know King of the hill (Jabediah)