To Be or Not to Be? Short Quiz on Philosophy

Are you the king of the philosophical hill, are you the master of agora, the Plato in disguise, the Witt of Wittgenstein? Only one way to check it out.

Plato and company waiting just for YOU to test your skills in the noblest of the sciences. Who got the guts? You, dear sir? Perhaps thee, madam? Come on then and fight the history of thought!

Created by: Krakrarjev

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  1. Who is often said to have the greatest influence on Socrates' philosophy and who is in one of the dialogs Socrates participates in referred to as "the father"?
  2. Which of the following names is not a root of a word denoting a character trait?
  3. Who developed a theory of proper names that describes them as "rigid designators"?
  4. In his first Critique, Kant sought to find out how are possible:
  5. In old greek, Plato means:
  6. Philosophers Rorty, Dewey, Davidson have in common:
  7. What is "The Oldest System-Program of German Idealism?"
  8. According to Tarski, sentence "snow is white" is true if ...
  9. Which of the following marxists or ex-marxists did not spend a part of his life in prison?
  10. According to Heidegger, metaphysics has forgotten:
  11. If all apples are purple and if some purple things are a bit yellow, then all apples are:
  12. What is "koan"?
  13. Who or what is Confucious?
  14. Jacques Lacan married former wife of which well-known french thinker and author:
  15. Which of the following important philosophical books were NOT meant to be a part of a larger philosophical work?
  16. Recurrence is to repetition what ...
  17. In Aristotle's theory of four causes, pick the odd one out!
  18. Who of the following french thinkers' name is not Jean-Luc?
  19. Who was, among philosophers, the strongest chess player?
  20. Which of the following answers do not referr to itself?

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