Do You Know Everything About One Tree Hill?

There Are Smart People, That Think Their Clever And There Are Dumb People That Think 1+1 Is 6 But When It Comes Down To Who Knows One Tree Hill You Can Beat Them xx

So Are You Ready To Be Quizzed On That Show That Has Us All Hooked Until The Credits! Do U Have Wot It Takes To Do The Tree Hill Quiz Of Quizzes? Hope You Enjoy It xx

Created by: AmyRee14

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  1. What Is The Name Of Brooke's Clothing Line?
  2. What Does Haley Order At The Restaurant On Her And Nathan's First Date?
  3. Whats The Name Of Peyton's Biological Mum?
  4. Vivian, Taylor And Quinn Are Who's Sisters?
  5. True Or False, Renee's Baby Is Nathan's?
  6. Chris Keller Is Played By...
  7. Who Kills Keith Scott?
  8. True Or False, Clay Is A Widow?
  9. Who Works With Julian On A Script?
  10. True Or False, Skills Is Nathan's Cousin?
  11. Mouth's Real Name Is...
  12. True Or False, Millicent Works For Brooke?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Everything About One Tree Hill?