SILENT HILL - would you survive a visit in this town?

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This is a quiz for people that played Silent Hill and for those who havn't. Anyway this is a creepy place. Find out whether you survive or die in pain and agony.

TRY TO ANSWER HONESTLY. Have a good fun. NOTE: If you're little girl do not take this quiz due to high probability of nightmares.

Created by: Rafal88022505435

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  1. You were driving your car and suddenly you got lost. Dark night, no one around. You get out and walk. You enter Silent Hill.
  2. You walk through the streets. Not a living soul. Suddenly you hear a howl.
  3. You see the abandoned weapon store. The howling is getting more intense. Store doors are open. Steal some guns? Inside only a pistol and some ammo...
  4. Inside the store you see dead body. It's missing something... Head! Terrible smell. You notice you stepped in blood. Predict your reaction.
  5. Next you see that some kind of a creature entered the store you're in. It looks like a huge dog. It's all covered in dark blood, it has red eyes and is very angry. Getting ready to eat you.
  6. Lets take a break from story and have some basic questions; Which fighting style describes you best when you have no weapons?
  7. How about your shooting abilities?
  8. Stamina.
  9. How do you act in stressful situations like exams?
  10. How do you act in stressful situations like a car accident where your friend or family member is badly hurt?
  11. Back to the story; now you enter a hospital. You know that another person is here. It's sexy woman or good looking man. You investigate the hospital. It looks scarry of course.
  12. After some time you finally encounter this person. But she/he is looking strange. Incoming towards you with a scalpel, moving like in a trance.
  13. Now you are in the streets again. In the fog you see a shape of the flying monster. It doesn't see you. You are safe for now.
  14. You see a large group of human shaped monsters. They look slow and are on your way.
  15. Another little break; Ever played Silent Hill?
  16. You like colorful clothes?
  17. Have you ever seen death, much blood etc?
  18. When alone in home and you hear really disturbing noises, what do you do?
  19. Back to the story. You fight a huge monster. It looks like the main bada** mother****** here. There is a way out.
  20. You enter the room with some items. No place to take'em all. Make a choice.
  21. You lost your weapons. You are near your way out. You see little building with open doors. Someone shouts inside. When you approach your radio crack and gives ill sounds.
  22. And if that person was your friend?
  23. And finally... if that person was your mother?
  24. You went to the exit, but the road was blocked with barricade of corpse and barbed wire.
  25. Last question: Lets say you decided to climb it. You were badly cut in your hand by rusty and dirty barbed wire. But you have your first aid kit... (ANSWER HONESTLY)
  26. [ADDITIONAL QUESTION] Have you ever been bitten by animal?

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