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A fog glides over the mountains and rolls into the small tourists town of Ocean View, casting an eerie shadow over the landscape. As you drive in, you can't help but feel a bit uneasy. A shadowy form runs into the middle of the road, right in front of your car. You swerve sharply and crash into the rail, the airbag knocks you unconscious. Suddenly you awaken in the heart of the town, your car is gone, and you are lying in the middle of the street in a puddle that is unmistakably blood, something lurches out of the darkness and shambles towards you, moaning softly.

This quiz is a reference to the different combat tactics in survival-horror based video games like Silent Hill or Resident Evil, its main purpose is for entertainment.

Created by: MetaGod
  1. Of this list, which is your favorite weapon?
  2. What terrain do you prefer to fight in?
  3. What enemy type do you prefer?
  4. Of these ancient weapons, which one symbolizes you?
  5. Which is your preferred tactic in battle?
  6. What are your combat abilities?
  7. Which answer describes you best?
  8. What atmosphere do you prefer?
  9. What is your symbolic color?

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