Are you a Rebel Angel (women only)

What exactly is a "Rebel Angel?" Well, a Rebel Angel is a woman who is confident, glamorous, and take-charge. She's bold and daring and willing to take risks, and doesn't need or want to follow rules to the letter.

How much Rebel Angel attitude do you have? Are you a fabulous fierce rebel diva? Or do you prefer a more relaxed, tried-and-true lifestyle? Or could you be taking rebellion too far? Find out!

Created by: Ashaya
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  1. Given a choice, which magazine would you most want to flip through?
  2. How do you typically do your makeup?
  3. In middle/high school, what clique did/do you consider yourself to belong to?
  4. Which celebrity woman do you admire/like the most?
  5. What's an issue you feel passionate about right now?
  6. Would you rather have someone think you are...
  7. If you heard people you didn't really know talking about you (and it doesn't sound good), what would you do?
  8. When you dress, how revealing do your clothes tend to be?
  9. Do you honestly care what people think of you?
  10. Last question! What do (or did you as a teen) think of your parents?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Rebel Angel (women only)