What Rebel class are you?

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In the Order of the Guardians, most people become low Imperial Defenders (aka Troopers) and they always take orders. Becoming a Rebel warrior will create a spark in the Order, creating a better future.

Are you a Rebel? Do you have what it takes to become one? until now, america and the world has never had a brighter fututre. Becoming a Rebel warrior or their soldires will help save the world from crime.

Created by: GM Moss

  1. You get a mission from the Council, and must partake in a mission to save the chancellor. How do you feel about this mission?
  2. Your helping of the chancellor gains the attention of the Council. The Rebel Senators decide to make you a rebel Knight and assign you an Apprentice. What do you think about this?
  3. You are face to face with an enemy master, he is trying to persuade you to join their side. how do you respond?
  4. One of your best freinds is shot and killed in battle, what do you do?
  5. The council sends you on a mission to find a smuggler, but he's not telling you the secrets of the enemy. He seems afraid of somthing.
  6. The smuggler caves. he tells you that a secret training academy and storage unit are near. he will take you there in a jet. along the way, an enemy drone is ahead and he almost spots you. what do you do?
  7. Before entering the academy, an enemy general confronts you. you fight and win. he surrenders. what do you do with him?
  8. The enemy general is sent back to the council. he is taken to prison until further notice. the council promotes you to Rebel Senator, what is your responce?
  9. Your apprentice asks for you advice to help him with his training, what do you tell him?
  10. You are appointed as Grand-Master of the Council of the Guardians. you apprentice has done somthing evil, he injures your best Trooper, what is his punishment?

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Quiz topic: What Rebel class am I?