My Relationship!

This quiz represents my love towards my boyfriend! Hope you enjoy this quiz and i'am trying to get my status full. Enjoy. :`) Azy was happy while eating a gummy bear today. xD

Just read the top pharagraph, Hope you enjoy this amazing quiz created my, Azy! :) Read now i'am waiting for your comments. xD Mangos are delicious, don't you agree?

Created by: AZY

  1. First of all, my boyfriend is gabe so i'am going to tell you guys a bit about our relationship. Hope you enjoy
  2. My relationship makes me smile, it reminds me of being loved and cared about. Gabe makes me feel special, every second I talk to him makes me realise that i'am lucky to have such an amazing guy like him.
  3. Me and Gabe have now been dating for about 6 months now. I got really shocked when I realised that because It only seemed like 3 months. Those 6 months are the best time I spent with someone! Happy me, right? :)
  4. I haven't talked to gabe in a while, I miss him so much and I feel sad sometimes without talking to him. Gabe if your reading this I just want to say that I love you with all my heart and hope to see you again soon.
  5. Gabe is my happiness. My world. My future, and my love. Love him very much! Muahhh! :)
  6. Today I just realised that my life is full of joy and love. Everyone has that feeling inside and it's just amazing to experience something new in life. Life has many choices but only you could guide your destiny. Be happy and joyfull.
  7. Gabe I Love everything about you, your perfect the way you are and please don't change. Love you babe
  8. Rate and please Comment! :D I'll love you forever
  9. Thanks for taking this! Bye
  10. P.P.S. Love you! Hehehe...

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