What's your relationship style? (Girls)

Sometimes you'll wonder if you're doing this whole relationship thing right. Are you too pushy? Too submissive? You probably have so many questions!!!

Is you and your boyfriend's relationship balanced? Are your dates fun and interesting? Take a few minutes to learn more about yourself by completing this quiz to find out the basics of whether or not you make a good girlfriend!

Created by: stylee
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  1. You and your date are having dinner at a fancy restaurant. What would irritate you the most?
  2. It's your one-year anniversary and you haven't heard from him all day. What do you do?
  3. You and your boyfriend are at the movies and he just spilled soda all over you! How do you react?
  4. It's Valentine's Day and he has a surprise for you. What do you hope it is?
  5. You two had a great date but now the conversation is dying down and you don't have anymore plans. What's your next move?
  6. He just bought you...a puppy!!! What do you say?
  7. What is your favorite thing to do together?
  8. What is the sexiest thing about him?
  9. You cooked dinner but you know he didn't like it very much. What would you prefer him to do?
  10. Which text do you like best?

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Quiz topic: What's my relationship style? (Girls)