Know My Life Here part 2

If you haven't taken my first part. please do. this part is kinda the same but has some more detail, i think. xD if you don't know me, this quiz is perfect for you. i'am Azy and a very unique girl live your life having as much fun as possible.YOLO!

Are you amazing?are you a girl? are you a 1D fan? if you are please take my quiz. it's good for your health and life xD i'am a hyper person here!! ahaha, X Marks the spot for TREASURE! xD Anyone can take this quiz. okay x3

Created by: AZY

  1. So this is the second part of my life, hope you enjoy it : )
  2. My life is pretty much the same, i'am still nice,caring, funny, and Awesome! i don't feel like changing how i'am and don't think you guys will like if i change from being caring to rude. i'am still a happy girl and i love that :)
  3. I got new friends and still have my other friends. My friends are: Mrs.Horan(BTRfreak), Hephy x3, kiki!, Kevin, Audree, Home_Gurl, And plenty more. i just can't remember because i'am tired eating a torta :)
  4. My Love and Only love is Gabe(Pretender). i still love him and he loves me more. i'am his baby girl and i just love it. We've been going out for like 5-6 months i think. he's everything to me and i don't want to lose him. i love you Gabe! x3
  5. My favorite songs: Everytime we touch by Cascada Sexy and I Know it by LMFAO Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 Mirror by Lil Wayne ect....
  6. Birthday: December 22nd Age:13 my favorite thing about me is my personality,smile, and eyes. i don't use any makeup and my face is smoothhhh.... xD
  7. I love to soap, draw, and love to smile! :) music is part of my life that i love. it's beautiful notes rushing through my body makes me feel alive. i love basketball, singing, and Colors!
  8. That's all guys, i might do part 3 of my life but i need to think.
  9. Please Rate Or Comment on my quiz!
  10. I have a question in the results, so please comment on it. bye everyone
  11. One more thing. I love 1D!! I ALSO LOVE MY GABE!! harry,niall,zayn, liam, and louis xD

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